What is Power to Change?

What does Power to Change believe?

What denomination does Power to Change belong to?

Why did you change your name from Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada to Power to Change?


What are the ministries of Power to Change?

How can I get involved with one of the ministries of Power to Change?

What happened to previous ministries that are no longer a part of Power to Change?


Why didn’t my donation go through?

How can I make an anonymous donation?

How can I remove a donation from my cart?

I am not from Canada or the US, but I want to donate to Power to Change. How can I give?

How do I donate to Power to Change through an organization, church, business or foundation?

What’s the best way to cancel, increase, or decrease my monthly donations?

What’s the best way to update my credit card information for my monthly donations?

I can’t find the staff member I want to support on the website. Can I still give to their ministry?

What does “Skip Sign in & Continue” mean?

Why do you need five business days to process an Automatic Bank Withdrawal?

How can I change the email address on my online account?

Can I change my mailing address and phone number online?

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Can I receive my tax receipt by email?

How can I receive a US tax receipt?

What is the Registered Charity Number for Power to Change?

How much of my donation will go to the ministry I am supporting?

Why have I been asked to provide my middle initial?

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to your mailing list?

What is your mailing address?

Will my donations automatically stop when the staff I am supporting are no longer serving with Power to Change?

What is the Power to Change Staff Support Fund?