Be empowered to live missionally.

What does it look like to live an embodied, holistic, and missional Christian life? Our relationship with Jesus can often feel disconnected from ministry and other parts of life. We believe that spiritual transformation is at the heart of fruitful missional engagement. On P2C Mission Trips, you will learn how to integrate your everyday life with mission. Be empowered to live missionally through the Holy Spirit as you learn how to thoughtfully and lovingly engage in the joys and complexities of God’s restorative work to help people come to know him.

On our trips, you will experience…

  1. Interaction with local ministries
  2. Thoughtful discipleship
  3. Community of faithful Christians
  4. Culturally contextualized approach
  5. Training and learning

Experience God at work on a mission trip that engages within these spheres:

2D plot comparing the qualities of each mission trip

Student Ministry

Journey alongside students through meaningful friendships.

Unreached People Groups

Engage individuals who may be the first in their communities to encounter the gospel.

Community Development

Discover how faith intersects with social justice as we gain a better understanding of poverty and development.

Post Christian Context

Discover the relevance of the gospel in our post-Christian culture through creative avenues.

On our mission trips, we work with partners who are…

Preserving the dignity of people

Prioritizing long-term development

Embedding in local communities

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