Deadline has passed for 2015 trips and we are no longer accepting applications. New dates and applications will be accepted in late Fall 2015 for trips in 2016.



Do you desire to see your heart changed for God and for the world? Well then you can expect that by participating on Desert Rain. We are looking for people who are comfortable taking the initiative to share the Gospel and have experience (or at least a keen desire) in sharing your faith in a relational context. As we travel and minister in a vastly different culture, flexibility, adaptability, perseverance and love are key characteristics for those desiring to join us this summer. If you’re living a life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, and are willing to take the Gospel to the world, then please apply!


We are trusting God to change the lives of university students of the nation: the future leaders and influencers who, today, are exploring new ideas and are perhaps most open to the Gospel. Share your life and faith with a generation of students who are seeking, yet blinded either by the veneer of religion or the temptations of secularism. This will be an adventure of trusting and walking with God as He leads you to those who most desperately need to hear, and whom He has prepared.


We will be going to an Arab country that is in the crossroads of middle eastern tradition and western/european influence. We will be in a major city that is a hub for progressive and liberal values, attracting students who are independent, critical thinkers, as well as those who are disillusioned and willing to go against the grain of their society. It is a strategic city to meet future world changers and those who are seeking hope.

In order to protect the long term movement we cannot publicly disclose where this project will take place. Please talk to a P2C staff member on your campus or email us for more information.


  1. Many students feel trapped by their pursuit of happiness and can’t find freedom in their religion or in the world around them. Pour out true love to these people as we help them to discover a personal relationship with Jesus.

  2. God is moving in big ways in Desert Rain. Students here are questioning and exploring like never before, and God is revealing Himself through the internet, radio broadcasts, and even dreams. You may be the first person to give these students a Christian perspective on their life issues.

  3. Ministering to students here can raise up spiritual multipliers that change their nation and transform the Arab world. Transform students into springs of living water for a world dying of thirst.


You will be meeting and developing relationships with students on and around campus, prayerfully looking for opportunities to share about Jesus with those who are open to hearing, and connecting students to the long term movement.

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* Dates subject to change. 

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