Meet our P2C+ speakers!

Before the curtain rises and we find ourselves in the glow of this year’s P2C+ conference, we know you are itching to get to know our fabulous lineup of speakers, guests, and workshop presenters. Who are these exceptional communicators?

Did you know over one hundred speakers are currently hard at work preparing for P2C+? (Wow! That is some speaker power!) These men and women are preparing (and praying) in order that you might be inspired and equipped for a life of GO!

There is no need to wait until Dec 28th to get to know these fabulous folks—the P2C+ Preshow is here! (Just think of this as one of those video montage segments in which you meet the nervous reality show contestants before they take the stage. Minus the flubbed rehearsal reel.) – Editor

Great Conversations, Growing Babies, & Going to the World

with Steph W


A graduate of the University of British Columbia, this is Steph’s ninth year on staff with P2C-Students. Steph is a huge fan of her husband, their new baby son, and all things baseball, as evidenced by her beloved collection of more than twenty Major League Baseball jerseys.

If you need a conversation starter, just talk baseball.


Terra: Welcome to the Preshow, Steph. Thank you for joining us. Let’s dive in: why do you do what you do?

Steph: I love being on staff with Power to Change. When I was a student, God used this group as an avenue to tremendously grow me in my faith.

My life was changed while in university, so I want to help other students experience something similar during these formative years. Even as the years go on and I’m now a mom, I still love the university arena and its potential to shape a person for the rest of their life.


Terra: At P2C+ Calgary you will be leading the workshop, “Using questions to have spiritual conversations.”

How did you become interested in this topic?

Steph: For a long time I’ve wanted to talk about my faith but didn’t feel like I knew how. What do I say? What will people think? But over time as I trusted God to grow me in this area I realized there is a lot of interest and many opinions and questions from others on the topic of faith.

One of the most helpful and practical ways I’ve been equipped in having spiritual conversations is learning to listen well and ask good questions. Not only have conversations become more fruitful, but they’ve become fun as well!


Terra: The theme for this year’s conference is GO. Tell us about one of your “GO” experiences.

Steph: During my fourth year of my undergrad at UBC, I was taking the bus home with some friends who were involved with Power to Change. A few of them had been talking about their experience of going on summer mission trips to Southeast Africa and East Asia. They were sharing specific stories of what happened and how God impacted the students they met in these places and in their own lives as well.

I remember wondering why I hadn’t considered going on a mission trip before. For the rest of that fall semester, I thought and prayed about going somewhere. That summer I found myself across the world, meeting Tanzanian university students, and talking about culture, life, and faith. I witnessed changed lives even as God was changing my own. This summer I’ll be going on my sixth mission trip!

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Terra: Steph, not too long ago you became a mother. What is something surprising about motherhood that was unexpected?

Steph: I’m not a person who spends a lot of time wondering what the far future looks like, but motherhood has made me imagine what this little baby will be like as a child, teenager, and then a grown man. Right now he’s so helpless, right, but one day he’ll be bigger and stronger than me! That’s both weird and amazing to think about!

Terra: That is a crazy notion! I wonder if Mary, the mother of Jesus, ever had those kinds of thoughts? Anyway, thank you for joining us on the Preshow, Steph! Congrats on your new bundle of joy! We are excited to have you joining us at this year’s P2C+!

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Hear Steph at P2C+ Calgary

Learn more about Steph on her P2C+ Speakers page.

To meet Steph, you’ll need to be at P2C+ Calgary on Wednesday, December 30 to learn about listening and questions during her workshop, “Using questions to have spiritual conversations” at 4:00pm. See you there!

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