Joel Turner, Lead Pastor, Mountain Springs Church and Gravity Church, Calgary

“I love the ministry of Power to Change – Students and love being involved and speaking at anything to do with them! I love that people in our church are involved in P2C and desire to continue to support this ministry.”

Simon Wong, General Director, Association of Christian Evangelical Ministries (Canada)

“Students involved with P2C-S are changed to live a life of purpose for the glory of God in creative ways. I have met many graduates in Canada and even in closed countries who have been impacted by P2C-Students. These graduates are in turn making new disciples.”

Dan McDonald, Senior Pastor, Grace Toronto Church

“I was once a student who attended this conference, and it changed my life. As a pastor, I have spoken at this conference, and it continues to change lives for the glory of Christ. I highly recommend this conference for anyone wishing to get in sync with God’s heart for the world.”

Allan Self, former P2C-S staff and current Director of Discipleship, Harvest Bible Chapel, Niagara

“I’ve attended P2C+ eleven times. Each year this conference re-fueled and reignited in my faith through really strong Bible teaching and a call to reach out with the gospel. I believe P2C+ makes a difference by helping students know they are not alone. It’s a greenhouse that inspires students as they journey together. P2C+ is about the rubber hitting the road. You’ll be challenged in your faith, inspired to trust Christ, and launched to live it out.”

Ben Jolliffe, former P2C-S staff and current Pastor/Church Planter, Resurrection Church, Ottawa

“Having attended P2C+ a number of times as a student and as a full time campus minister, it is my conclusion that students who participate in a conference like this often grow more in a few days than in one whole year of  campus involvement. They receive a vision for the world and the Great Commission combined with some really practical skills and ideas to take back to their local context. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. “