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The Emperor Has No Clothes! - Summary of the Humean Argument Against Miracles: Part two – The Defeaters

In this series of articles I have tried to provide arguments against Hume’s widespread influence. In this post I will try to concisely summarize these arguments.

Summary of the Humean Argument Against Miracles in two parts: Part one – the Problem

Outside of philosophy the average person of course knows nothing of David Hume and his particular arguments against miracles, but his influence is widespread nevertheless. He has influenced the Western world’s worldview to such an extent that it just seems obvious to a lot of people that God and miracles are part of a superstitious medieval worldview that intelligent people have left behind long ago.

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Proponents of the new atheism are fond of trotting out the saying on the left as a way of preempting any serious possibility of believin
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