If you will be graduating and want to invest one year in reaching students with the gospel, we invite you to consider applying!


International campus internship is a one to two-year full-time overseas ministry experience. This internship builds on the momentum that was started on summer projects and establishes a long-term presence in that nation. You will have the opportunity to continue to build the partnership as you see students won to Christ, built up in their faith, and even sent out to other parts of their country or surrounding nations, sometimes all within one year!



Strengthen local movements by building relationships and sharing Jesus. Alongside national and international staff you can help build campus movements in which students’ lives are changed and leaders are equipped to impact their post-Christian nation. We currently have opportunities in Birmingham, England and Paris, France.


On this internship, you have the privilege of journeying deeper with students and engaging them in their spiritual journey as you empower them to discover truth and faith that will ripple through their friends, family and community.


Be a part of bringing the Good News to a people who have never heard! We have the opportunity to engage a people group that has had little, to no exposure to Christians, let alone the Gospel. However, due to cultural, linguistic, and ethnic commonalities with other unreached peoples in bordering nations, this people group is poised to bring the gospel to South East Asia and beyond. On STINT, you will have the chance to minister to people in a holistic way. Come and be part of helping East Asia become the largest sending ground of Christian missionaries by 2020 and join the adventure in launching this new movement among the Unreached. 


Previously, our Latin America partnership was based in Panama. Now, indigenous leadership has been raised up and they are sending their own missionaries to the Dominican Republic and Spain. As we have looked towards another country with whom to partner, we have been directed to Lima, Peru. Lima presents an opportunity to engage in a pioneering venture and begin a new campus work in the city. If you are excited about pioneering new movements and mobilizing Christian students to reach their country and the world, consider investing a year in Peru!


  1. Help fulfill the Great Commission by seeing student-led movements of evangelism and discipleship developed on every university worldwide. Your investment will help these partnerships become indigenously-led, self-sustaining and sending.
  2. Be developed as a lifetime labourer, wherever you may go. On the international campus internship, you will receive on-the-job training and personal development in leadership, ministry skills, and spiritual growth.
  3. Serve on a team, ministering alongside other Canadian interns and national staff and students. Your team will be a significant source of support and encouragement as you minister in a foreign country, away from friends and family.
  4. You are young and can do it!


Regardless of location, on international campus internships you will build deep relationships with your team and with locals. You will be stretched to trust God in new ways. You will see growth in relationship with Christ in yourself and those around you. You will also see a glimpse of what God is doing around the world.

You will receive appropriate training during the various stages of the year. There will be training in raising support and an Orientation before you leave. When you return, you will also spend several days of Debrief to help you process all that you have learned and to consider how God may use your experience in the next phase of your journey with Him.

While you are on this internship, the Canadian campus ministry will help you and your team have a successful year through one-on-one coaching (via Skype or phone), and shepherding visits. You may also receive some help from the partnership or Iong term campus staff (ICS). Regardless, you can rest assured that there will be people to help answer your questions and provide you and your team with resources.

For more information check out the FAQs for long term opportunities