Helping women experience grace

In the midst of busy schedules, women often wish they could find time to connect with other women at a heart level. Women’s Heart-Engaging Network (WHEN) is committed to providing opportunities in various languages for women to gather, share their stories and encourage each other. WHEN helps women discover how the grace of God can bring hope, strength and order to our lives and to those around us.


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Is there someone you want to introduce with Jesus Christ? Could they benefit from a WHEN event? Contact WHEN to find out about upcoming events to encourage you and your friend on their faith journey.

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  • 5 WHEN teams hosted 8 outreach events. Nearly 800 women attended and were encouraged to experience and embrace the grace of Jesus Christ.

  • 90 people indicated an interest in exploring Christianity, resulting in the formation of 10 new Discovery Groups.

  • 82 women made decisions to follow Christ and 124 made decisions to recommit to following Jesus.

*All stats are for 2015 unless otherwise stated.

“As always when I attend a WHEN breakfast, I leave with peace and with the certainty that the Lord always listens and is with us.” – Team Member, Spanish

“Now I know that Jesus is with me all the time. What I am going through now is part of the plan that Jesus has for me and I accept it with love.” – Guest, Intercultural Event

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c/o Power To Change
20385 64th Avenue
Langley, B.C V2Y 1N5

Telephone: +1.604.514.2034