Rod Bergen – President of Power to Change ministries
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We’re on a mission to change the world

The following stories highlight ways that people have come to know Jesus, have deepened their faith and, as a result, have gone on to make Him known in Canada and around the world.

You’ll read of people reaching out to those in need, as well as simple, but powerful conversations. The experiences of dedicated staff and volunteers, who have committed their lives to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, are also featured.

In 2016, 28,961 people made the decision to follow Jesus and the gospel was shared more than 1.6 million times, through Power to Change’s 10 ministries and one humanitarian partner.

Knowing Jesus changes us. We learn to love, to forgive and to give generously of ourselves in service to others. Sharing Him with others is changing the world.

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Rod Bergen
President, Power to Change

Connecting Streams

Connecting Streams

Equipping and mobilizing the Church to help reach society's marginalized.

“Al immediately thought, he’s going to beat me up! But they sat down and the man poured out his heart.”

Leader Impact


Helping leaders explore the relevance of faith in God in their professional and personal lives.

“Most marketplace leaders, because they haven’t been presented with the gospel, do not see the relevance of faith in their lives. So they tend not to think about it.”

FamilyLife Canada


Providing help and hope to build strong marriages and families.

“This weekend was the single most beneficial thing we have ever done for our marriage.”


Women's Heart-Engaging Network

Connecting women to Jesus Christ and the local church through meaningful relationships, authentic dialogue and powerful teamwork.

“Helen continued to seek and grow in her spiritual life, but soon found that the demands of a young family and a flourishing career sometimes competed with her goal of pursuing faith.”

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action

Reaching people with the message of Jesus through sport.

Being a chaplain at the Olympic Games is “like attending ten funerals and one wedding every day,”

Power to Change Students

Power to Change – Students

Helping students discover Jesus and equipping them for a lifetime of ministry.

“I went to classes, studied hard and tried to fit in, but I was still lonely, homesick and wondering if I’d made a huge mistake.”



Helping people encounter Jesus through drama and meaningful gospel-centred conversations.

“Ryan confessed he’d been hurt by the church and didn’t think Christianity was for him.”

Christian Embassy

Christian Embassy

Inspiring political and diplomatic leaders everywhere to live and lead wholeheartedly for Jesus.

“Peter became a mentor and opened doors for me to meet and walk alongside other men of influence in Canada and North America.”

The JESUS Fim Church Planting Strategy

The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy

Bringing the message of God’s love through the JESUS Film, discipling new believers, training leaders and planting churches.

“The JESUS Film helped me to know God. I was a Muslim before. Now I am a Christian.”

The Life Project

The Life Project

Helping people online to know Jesus.

“Fatima and I first met on Facebook. As a young Muslim woman in the Middle East, Fatima had been forced into a marriage with an older man at the age of 17.”