We're grateful for you!

Your faithfulness is making an impact.

At Power to Change, we are deeply grateful for your commitment and investment in proclaiming the gospel message in Canada and around the world. Together in 2017, the Power to Change family of ministries shared the gospel message nearly 850,000 times and 24,237 people indicated a decision to follow Jesus.

The following stories highlight some of those transformations. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by what God is doing through the ministries of Power to Change and our humanitarian partner, Global Aid Network.

Together, as we celebrate 50 years of ministry, let us continue to proclaim what we have seen and heard, for we cannot help speaking about Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Rod Bergen

President, Power to Change

"Devastation is a familiar sight for the Shamattawa First Nation."

“Ambassador Gaspar Martins came to realize that the best thing he can do for someone is to help them know Jesus.”

"What makes Jesus so famous?"

“She was moved by the message of hope, but believed her sin was too great for her to be redeemed. She had made so many mistakes—many of which were visible to her neighbours.”

“[My faith] became something we couldn't talk about,” Justine explains. “It was a part of my life that was increasingly important to me, and he wouldn't even acknowledge it.”

"Clean water changes everything."

“The roads are rough in this northeastern district, making many of the villages difficult to access and leaving the people socially isolated.”

“My gift—according to the grace given to each of us—is leadership, and I was trying to bury that gift and not embrace it and use it for God’s glory”

"I just wanna let you know that after planning out my suicide on May 3rd, 2016, I accepted Jesus into my life that same day inside of a porta-potty at my jobsite.”

“Over the summer and into his second year of university, Patrick’s faith journey ground to a halt, compounded by a season of clinical depression and anxiety. He struggled with mental illness, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.”

“In my former experiences, I would have been trying to plan everything out in detail. But in WHEN, I was learning to leave things to God.”