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2018 Financials

The following information is taken from our audited financial statements, which are available upon request.


Contributions (88.8%)$35,533,600
Conference Registrations (5.2%)$2,078,146
Sales of Literature and Materials (0.8%)$311,613
Grants* (2.5%)$982,709
Other (2.6%)$1,021,788
Gift in Kind Contributions (0.2%)$86,865
Investment Income (<0.1%)$2,890
Total Revenue: $40,017,611
*Consolidated funds including the Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian partner of P2C.


Ministry Programs (87.2%)$34,538,978
Fundraising (8.2%)$3,260,889
Administration (2.8%)$1,115,751
Amortization (1.4%)$538,869
Interest on long-term debt (0.4%)$142,398
Total Expenses:$39,596,885
Excess of revenue over expenses: $420,726
MoneySense "A" grading

Power to Change Ministries received an ‘A’ rating in Fundraising Efficiency from MoneySense in their 2017 Charity Grades due to our 8% spending on fundraising. In an effort to commit as much of donor funds as possible to ministry programs, we keep our administration costs under 3%.

Canadian Christian Council logoAs a member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities we adhere to their Standards of Integrity and Accountability.