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5  Ways to Make the Most of your Labour Day Weekend

As we head into Labour Day Weekend, the last weekend of the summer, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your three days.

  1. Bless Someone with a Random Act of Kindness

    Have you ever gone through a drive-thru and had your order paid for you by the person ahead? It feels awesome. Sometimes the simplest of things—buying someone’s coffee, helping clean the dishes, giving a bouquet of flowers, washing a car—can make a big impact on someone’s day.

  2. Host a Gathering

    A long weekend is a great excuse to reconnect with old friends and set aside time to prioritize relationships that you might have been neglecting. BBQs are common in the summer months, but why not celebrate the beginning of September with something a bit different like a Monday morning brunch?

    Not only will it motivate you to clean your house in preparation, but you’ll get to try out some delicious breakfast foods. As long as you don’t serve plain oatmeal, it’s really hard to go wrong with any choice.

  3. Tackle a Project

    It’s easy to think of a project or task that has been put off for one or two seasons. Things like painting the deck and assembling the furniture sitting in storage always seem to be forgotten, but this is a perfect chance to strike. If you start a project on Saturday and don’t get around to finishing it, there’s still another two days!

    Recruit some family members and get to work filling empty pots with plants or organizing the pantry. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement when you’re done. If you need extra motivation, an ice-cream outing makes for a yummy reward!

  4. Take a Digital Break

    It’s easy to let Netflix keep autoplaying and spend a little too much time scrolling through Facebook. Even with kids we can lose track of the amount of time spent watching TV or playing video games.  Why not suggest a digital cleanse for the entire family? Whether it lasts for one hour or one day there can be a lot of value in taking a step back from technology that can sometimes become all-consuming.  It might surprise you what can be accomplished when you intentionally put away devices and power down the TV.

  5. Go on a Prayer Walk

    Set aside some of the extra time you have this long weekend to pray for your neighbours as you walk by their homes. This is a good opportunity to dwell on the work God has been doing in your life and engage with what He has been teaching you. It is amazing what God can teach you, even as a seasoned Christian, when you set aside time to spend with Him. Bring your family along and ask them what God has taught them over the past few weeks. Another perspective can teach you something profound.


Let us know what you get up to this weekend. We hope you enjoy your time, whether you hang out with friends and family, enjoy some time for yourself, or complete a project that’s been on your mind.


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