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God is doing incredible things through the ministries of Power to Change. We created this magazine to encourage our readers with how Jesus is being made known today.

Following Faithfully: Dorrie Manu

By Dorrie Manu As Power to Change celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, there are a multitude of stories to share. God’s faithfulness can be seen through each of these accounts. Below is one such example from a staff member of Power to Change – Students, Dorrie Manu. When I arrived at the Queen’s University [...]

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Reaching Out Beyond the Walls of the Church

Connecting Streams is a catalyst that helps the church reach out intentionally to the marginalized — currently in Edmonton, Langley and Ottawa. Donna Mitchell, Connecting Streams' National Director, recently sat down with Power to Change to talk about the ministry. P2C: How did Connecting Streams start? DM: Connecting Streams was started in October 2006 through [...]

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Intangible Meets Unchangeable

Sociologists, marketers and journalists are hurriedly trying to define the next generation of young adults, namely those born after 1995. Labelled “Generation Z,” they have already been dubbed with various nicknames: the iGeneration, the Plurals or the Post-Millennials. Whatever the moniker, this group of young people is set apart by its unique characteristics—they are known [...]

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Hidden Things

By Maureen It has taken decades for me to recognize and admit, slowly and by incremental degrees, that I was sexually abused. This is my story. This article was written by The Life Project on issuesiface.com. This website is a place for people to share difficult life experiences. Those stories can be read by others [...]

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The Human Project

By Andy Steiger In 1885, the King of Belgium, Leopold II, was granted sole ownership of the Congo Free State. He immediately enslaved the people and plundered the Congo of its natural resources. By the end of his rule, Leopold was responsible for the death of more than 10 million Congolese. That death toll is [...]

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