Christian Embassy: 2018 Year in Review

Jan 22, 2019

Christian Embassy Team

The Opportunity of Uncertainty
In 2018, the year before the next federal election, the intensity of political life is increasing. Throughout the year and in the midst of much national and international uncertainty, the team at Christian Embassy offered hundreds of ambassadors, diplomats, parliamentarians, business leaders and professionals opportunities to hear the hope Jesus offers. Our team is expanding so we can have greater capacity to invest in leaders in individual meetings, at networking luncheons, roundtables, seminars, ambassador business tours, and through our communications. Meet the CE team

The Christian Embassy provides me and other MPs with a needed personal focus and an outlet to serve. Their team helps me make connections with ambassadors as part of my government service. They also offer opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with God as I reach out to encourage leaders in Ottawa and overseas. I doubt the Christian Embassy is aware of the full extent of their positive impact. – Member of Parliament 

Roundtable – Leading Change: Get it. Feel it. Want it.
29 MPs and business leaders were refreshed and inspired by businessman Don Van Meer who shared valuable principles of leading during times of change, and shared a bold personal testimony of how his life was changed through faith in Christ. Van Meer commented that the greatest single point of failure in driving through change is when leadership doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of the entire organization. Engaging people in the process of change, and including them in decision-making is essential, so they understand where the organization is going, and buy into the process. Soundcloud  Transcript

Five star event! I look forward to reviewing the slides again.
– Member of Parliament

Networking Luncheon – Clarity in a Confused World
Speaking to an audience of more than 100 diplomats, parliamentarians and business leaders, representing 42 countries, Abdu Murray, the North American Director of RZIM, presented Christian reasoning for the foundations of truth with applications for professional and personal life. Many believe that morals, spirituality and truth are all relative; that there are no absolute truths. In contrast, people who express certainty about what they believe are frequently seen as bigoted, arrogant and intolerant. We extended the opportunity for many young leaders to join us and a number were greatly inspired. Soundcloud  Video  Transcript

On a scale of 1 to 10, this was an 11. – Luncheon guest

An excellent orator with profound insights into truth, God and freedom. Enjoyed his views and thoughts. – Ambassador from a Hindu Nation

The Honourable Alice Wong with ambassadors and TWU President Bob Kuhn

B.C. Ambassador Business Tour
Two ambassadors, from Europe and Central America, experienced the love of Jesus in action in host homes and businesses during a 3-day tour to BC’s lower mainland in mid May. They were initially welcomed at Trinity Western University by President Bob Kuhn, and local MP, The Honourable Alice Wong. Our LeaderImpact host team organized tours of many fascinating businesses to give the ambassadors opportunity to expand their business contacts, promote their countries and strengthen relationships between our nations.

The Muslim ambassador from Europe was deeply moved by God’s love and truth expressed by all who received him. Following our return to Ottawa, his wife commented on what an important work the Christian Embassy is doing and indicated that she would love to do what we do!

The bold testimony of the MPs and business leaders inspired the Central American ambassador to be more intentional about publicly expressing her faith in Christ.

Networking Luncheon – An Anchor in a Financial Storm
Faced with the challenges of debt, wealth disparities, nation-state challenges, and shifting social, ethical and moral values, fund manager Jonathan Wellum addressed the need to restore truth, meaning and values rooted in Christianity if we are to progress, and maintain free, vibrant and healthy markets. His presentation gave opportunities for individual conversations about the impact of our values. Soundcloud  Transcript

Christian Embassy Executive Director Darlene McLean speaking at Christmas Dinner

35th Annual Christmas Dinner – The Certainty of Uncertainty
The Christmas Dinner was the highlight of the year! Before this well attended event, a host committee of MPs and ambassadors met with us to give input and pray that the dinner would have a major impact. A number of the leaders prayed for the salvation of their peers, which was fruitful!

This year more than 200 diplomats, parliamentarians, business leaders, and spouses, representing 55 nations, experienced Canadian Christmas traditions, some for the first time.

Excellent event. The most powerful event of yours that I’ve been to.

This may have been the most impactful Christmas dinner we have attended. Clear and compelling message. Bold yet gentle. Thank you and well done!
– Professional Leader

The dinner guests also heard the powerful testimony by entrepreneurs leaders Don and Fay Simmonds who spoke about their life and death battle due to liver failure, and their search for certainty in life’s most uncertain moments.  Soundcloud  Transcript

We praise God that in a subsequent meeting following the dinner, a South American diplomat asked Jesus to become his Leader!

Please join us in asking the Lord to bring more long lasting fruit, as we share the gospel with diplomats, parliamentarians and business leaders in 2019.

Prayer requests:

  • Political and diplomatic leaders to discover Jesus and experience his transformation
  • Christian leaders to walk in the Spirit and persevere in the joy of the Lord
  • God’s strategies to inspire leaders, individually and through events, including the February 26 outreach lunch

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