Equipping for Growth

Pastor Philip James Moiwo is a young pastor who partnered with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) team in April 2017 to help plant a church in the village of Tombay, Sierra Leone. He attended all of the follow-up leadership training offered by the church planting team and completed his JFCPS certification. 

The leadership training materials helped Pastor Philip tremendously as he led this new church. He and his church members learned to lovingly interact with their neighbours, especially their Muslim ones. “Taking the Good News to Muslims has been especially helpful in helping us to view them as future brothers in Christ; not enemies!” Pastor Philip shared. 

They have also learned about effective evangelism methods, learning to take someone aside to share more deeply with him or her in a quiet place. This has contributed to the growth of their church since it was planted in 2017, increasing from 17 to 96! Their fastest growing demographic is children and youth. 

The impact of the church’s presence is so significant that people from four surrounding villages as far as three kilometers away — Morkellay, Mwatalo, Waterloo, and Balli-Njala — gather together to take part in what the community calls “cluster worship”, rotating village meeting locations each Sunday. This reflects a wonderful sense of unity, love, and support to the surrounding villages.

“Thanks to you people for being here, and that God has permitted you to come here, and you are met with peace and happiness,” expressed Sia Bangura, a member of the collective worship community. “Many thanks to you. Since I have given my life to Jesus, I had a spiritual attack and I prayed fervently to God. And then, I have relief. Now, I am a devoted Christian. I have surrendered all my life to Christ.”

Pastor Philip is passionate and gifted at taking what he has learned and passing it on to reliable people who then pass it on and continue the spread of God’s grace throughout their community. Their leadership and evangelism training will continue to equip and serve the church as it expands.

Gospel Presentations 145,651
Decisions for Christ 10,615
New believers in follow-up 3,517
Leaders trained 473
Churches planted through local church 229
Churches constructed 1