Evangelism Refresh

Jan 12, 2021

Photo By: Ryoji Iwata

“I think we need greater clarity in our understanding of evangelism so that we can align ourselves with the purposes of God.” 

Bill Hogg, National Director of Advance Canada, helps us kick off the New Year with a stimulating conversation around what evangelism is and why it’s still so important today. He shares refreshing definitions that he’s gathered over the years and unpacks some of the misconceptions we experience inside and outside the Church. 

Bill also challenges us to recognize that evangelism isn’t just for crazy extroverts! 

“We’re all called to evangelism — that’s God’s desire. We have the hope of the gospel for such a time as this, so let’s spread that winsomely, confidently, and boldly because that gospel is the power of God!”

We hope you’ll be as invigorated by this conversation as we were! 

Interested in learning more about doing the work of an evangelist? Join an Advance Group today!


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Maria Schroeder

Maria Schroeder

Maria is the Communications Manager in P2C’s Marketing department. She is a trained dancer, creative thinker, and tea enthusiast. She is passionate about thinking deeply and talking openly about how the gospel restores our lives.