Facing the Truth

When Fausto began attending LeaderImpact group meetings, he told everyone that he was happy and content in life. He was a project coordinator in the construction industry and appeared to have his life together.  

After a few meetings, however, the openness and genuine hearts of the other group members changed his perspective, and Fausto decided to open up more to the group. He realized that he hadn’t been true to himself, and that he had been putting on a front without even knowing it. He had issues in his professional life, his personal life, and he wasn’t where he wanted to be spiritually. He spent much of his energy putting a good face forward, as he was unhappy with almost every aspect of his life. 

This revelation of the truth prompted the other attendees to bond together as a group. All of the men are in their 20s and early 30s, and this situation brought them closer as they stepped up to help Fausto where they could. Through their encouragement and support, Fausto began making changes in his life. 

He got a new job with better recognition and pay, his relationship with his family improved, and he worked on his ability to balance everything. He shared that he had grown in appreciating and cherishing his wife. Spiritually, he moved from just trying to be a religious person to having a personal relationship with God. 

“His conviction to letting other people know about LeaderImpact is evident,” says Tibi Ribi, the LeaderImpact Alberta Director. “His group members have noticed a real change in his life. His excitement and passion come through.”

Fausto is fired up by these changes in his life, and is enthusiastic about bringing more people into LeaderImpact groups. When his neighbour broke up with his girlfriend, Fausto shared his own story and helped encourage the neighbour about changes he could make in his life. When he told him about his LeaderImpact group, the neighbour wanted to join!

“What I see in Fausto is his excitement and genuine enthusiasm for the Lord,” says Tibi. “He’s an example of how to have a better balance in life and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus. These life changes occur right in the midst of the Holy Spirit working in him.” 

Gospel Presentations 3,313
Decisions for Christ 825
Groups meeting regularly across Canada 132