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God Jams A Gun

2017-09-07T10:44:30-07:00August 22nd, 2017|Exclude, Magazine|

Reprinted with permission from Digital Strategies Annual Report. This story is a woman’s response to the “Hidden Things” article. Names have been changed.

Isabel no longer saw the point in living. A victim of sexual abuse, she was tormented by unbearable emotional pain and didn’t want to keep going. Browsing online, she came across; there was a story someone had shared of their own struggle to heal from sexual abuse, titled “Hidden Things.” After reading it, she decided to send a message to connect with an online mentor. A part of her wanted someone to know and understand the depth of her pain.

She didn’t plan on waiting for a response. She was already done and ready to end her life.

Isabel took out her gun and sat in silence. After a few moments, she prayed for forgiveness and lifted the gun to her head.

She pulled the trigger, but it didn’t fire. The gun jammed.

“I couldn’t believe it. At that moment, I knew Jesus was present and that He had intervened.”

When Digital Strategies received Isabel’s message, Isabel was connected with Laura, someone who had journeyed through the long process of healing from sexual abuse and could identify with her struggle.

Soon after, Laura and Isabel began to correspond online. Through their connection, Isabel found a lifeline of hope and later told Laura: “I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to see a message from you, words of encouragement, and real concern for me. It meant more than you could ever know.”

Thankful for Laura’s prayers and genuine concern, Isabel made efforts not to isolate herself. Over the next few months, she started to make progress.

“I am visiting some friends and working very hard to put my life back together again,” Isabel said. “It has been a hard road. Nothing has been easy. Each day there seems to be another memory to work through, but I’m doing it day by day.”

Through their mentoring relationship, Isabel discovered incredible hope in having a personal relationship with God. She was grateful that her mentor was there for her, and wrote to Laura: “You are the one who ultimately helped me find my way back to God. I trusted no one, but there was something about you that led me to take a chance and reach out for help… Thank you for your kindness, your time, and most of all, your prayers on my behalf.”

God is transforming lives through the dedication of Digital Strategies mentors who intentionally listen, encourage and share the gospel with others online. To find out more or to become a mentor visit