God’s Presence on the Hill


John* is a newly elected Member of Parliament serving in Ottawa. After only a few weeks in Parliament, he’s already experienced the peace-filled presence of the Christian Embassy.

“I notice that Darlene, the director of the Christian Embassy, walks the halls of Parliament almost every day,” John says. “She’s there in the gallery during Question Period. It’s very comforting and assuring for those of us who are believers that serve in Parliament to see both her and her teammates there, knowing that they’re praying for us. They can be a source of comfort that we can turn to if we ever need advice or someone to talk to. We know that they’re there. The ministry’s presence is very real.”

John’s decision to run for office as a Member of Parliament was a decision driven by his Christian faith. “I want to be the best representative of God that I can be in this arena,” he says, “and on a policy front, bring about positive change.” 

But that isn’t always easy. “A big challenge that all people in office have to face is to see beyond the four-year cycle,” John says. “We have to think, what can we do in the long term? What can we do now that will affect the future, regardless of party? There are some big challenges we can take on — whether it’s affordability for citizens, taking the opportunity for nation-building, strengthening our country’s unity, or bringing the different regions of our country together. The challenge is fostering buy-in on different projects. Those are big challenges that we face, but I look at them as opportunities.” 

In the midst of those challenges, the Christian Embassy team provides support and encouragement and connects people on the Hill. They host luncheons, roundtables, individual meetings, and a yearly Christmas dinner where leaders have the opportunity to see how the values of Jesus bring light to professional, personal, and spiritual facets of life. John has met ambassadors through introductions made by the Christian Embassy. He hopes these relationships might lead to having international impact some day. 

“What’s really nice about the Christian Embassy is what they represent and bring to the table,” John emphasizes. “They are genuine, kind-hearted, authentic people.” The time invested on Parliament Hill and in diplomatic circles gives valuable insights that help the Christian Embassy team members inspire and minister to MPs and ambassadors. “They are in a unique position to know the pressures that MPs and public officials face. They’re not novices. They are experienced people and they bring a calm to the Hill.” 

*Name changed for privacy

Gospel Presentations 569
Gospel resources received 3,920
Countries influenced 130
Times leaders shared Christ in public 163
Parliamentarians with whom we connected 127