2005 – Jarret Wall

October 19th, 2005|Exclude, The 00s, Timeline|

Jarret recalls his first encounter with Athletes in Action:

I was a new believer at the University of Alberta through an organization called Young Life. I was on the wrestling team and at that time spent a couple of years wavering in my faith. One day a woman named Roxanne showed up and introduced herself to the team. One of the reasons Roxanne was able to come and speak to our wrestling team at UofA was because our coach knew of Athletes in Action’s reputation within the Canadian wrestling world. She said, “I’m Roxanne and we’re starting up Athletes in Action on campus. If you want to integrate faith and sports, c’mon out! We’re going to start weekly meetings.”

I thought about how similar it sounded to Young Life but for athletes. I went out to the first event and I was wearing my pilsner beer hat. I thought, “Oh no, they’re going to judge me. Oh, I shouldn’t have… this is so dumb…”. It turned out to not be a big deal; no one even noticed or cared. I realized from that moment that I could be comfortable here with the people from AIA. From there I went to the weekly AIA meetings and went to National Training Camp which changed my life; it was probably one of the most fun times in my life.