Multiplying Faith

When Samantha* first wrote to Digital Strategies, she was a brand-new Christian. She was passionate about sharing her new faith, but her enthusiasm had resulted in several challenges in her life. As a manager, she shared her faith with all her employees and had been fired from three jobs in just one year. She had to move back in with her parents as she ran out of money, and was extremely discouraged. 

She wrote to Digital Strategies to learn what she was doing wrong. “Why is my life falling apart?” she asked. “Why is God doing this to me?” 

One of Digital Strategies’ long-time mentors, Pam*, connected with her, and the two of them began talking about discipling and how to do it well. Pam understood from her story that in Samantha’s eagerness to share about God with all of her employees, she was turning them off to faith. As a result, they bullied her and reported her so that she’d be fired. Pam helped Samantha think about discipling in a new way and consider how her life could reflect the words she was saying. 

Samantha was struggling to find a new job, so Pam suggested she volunteer somewhere to build friendships. After a great experience helping with marketing at a daycare, Samantha got her dream job at a marketing firm. During this time, Pam continued to communicate with Samantha online, helping her understand the gospel more fully and become established in a local church. Just recently, Samantha had an opportunity to put all she’s been learning to work. One of her old friends Liz started up a conversation about faith and told her she was considering converting to Mormonism. Samantha saw this as an opportunity to talk to her friend about Jesus. 

She invited Liz to base her faith on the Bible, which tells the true story of Jesus, not on a book or a prophet the Bible does not mention. She focused specifically on what Jesus taught about his death during the Last Supper. Then, she asked Liz if she personally believed Jesus had died for her and if she wanted to turn away from sin and let God direct her life from now on. Liz said yes. As Samantha put it, Liz just started crying. Sobbing. She could barely speak, except to say, ‘I don’t know why I’m crying.’ I told her, ‘That’s the Holy Spirit.’”

Imagine Pam’s joy at seeing Samantha become a multiplying disciple so soon after her conversion! Pam is now encouraging Samantha to continue working with Liz and help her grow in faith.

Gospel Presentations 59,034
Decisions for Christ 1,310
Ministry mentoring partnerships 64
Languages of ministry 9