Reservoir of Hope

In 2020, political leaders shouldered immense responsibility, making decisions that impacted every moment of daily life around the world. Through prayer and one-on-one engagement, the Christian Embassy encouraged leaders of faith to rise up and lead with integrity when others were wrought with fear and uncertainty.

By transitioning to online events and video presentations, the Christian Embassy had a far-reaching impact around the world. Ambassadors, diplomats, and parliamentarians from 107 nations heard the life-transforming message of Jesus, and leaders had the opportunity to publicly share the hope they have in Christ at least 186 times.

Sofia Cerrato, Ambassador of Honduras

I believe we can show God’s presence in and through our lives as we work with integrity, excellence, and empathy. We need to seek and honour Him in everything we do.

In a year that shook our world and changed all of our plans, it was the little moments that mattered most. Through encouragement and prayer, the Christian Embassy stood alongside leaders in government, facing the challenges together.

I can say without a doubt that when I needed a message from God, my phone would ring and it would be someone from the Christian Embassy with a word of wisdom and a passage of scripture to share.

Sibonginesi Dlamini-Mntambo, High Commissioner for the Republic of South Africa

Sometimes when we find ourselves in difficult situations in the workplace, we can treat it as though it has nothing to do with Christianity or faith. However, in whatever work we do, we’re directly or indirectly meeting the practical needs of others and adding value to their lives. In the eyes of the Lord, our work matters greatly.

In leadership it is important to have a source of inspiration, a reservoir in which you can always go when in doubt or in need of assurance. The Christian Embassy has been and continues to be that reservoir for me as I navigate the work environment, the diplomatic community, and even my family life.

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone around the world. Most people lost family members, colleagues, friends, neighbours, or acquaintances. I was humbled and fortunate to be a part of the Christian Embassy’s Christmas project, sharing a video message about hope in uncertain times. The conversations that surround these presentations restore one’s faith and trust in God’s purposes and plans for our lives.

There is always hope. God, our Saviour and Redeemer hears our prayers.

Long-Distance Coaching

The Christian Embassy of Canada desires to have a global impact. In addition to reaching Canadian political and business leaders and international dignitaries, they work alongside ministry colleagues to equip and inspire new Christian Embassies.

In 1982, Francis Husson had a vision of starting a ministry among diplomats in France. His dream was realized 38 years later in January of 2020 when he became the Director of the Christian Embassy of Paris. Canadian staff provided coaching onsite and from Canada. With the limitations of this season, they continue to offer encouragement and guidance from a distance and are excited to witness the expansion of this fledgling Paris ministry through digital networking.

Gospel Presentations 717
Countries Influenced 107
Increase In YouTube Views 19x