Run for the Nations | DRIME

Jaggers Family

On Saturday June 13th, DRIME staff, volunteers, and supporters from over 10 countries united as a global community to get active and pray for their teams in their annual Run for the Nations event.

Traditionally, the event occurs in-person in Langley, B.C. but it took on new life when COVID-19 hit. Between the pandemic restrictions and many teams being in their ‘off-season’, it was a big challenge to even consider running the event. “We weren’t sure if people would accept the challenge. I was quite surprised at how people jumped on board,” recounts Latin America’s Regional Director, Johannes Bleeker.

Participants that were able spent the day praying while walking, running, bicycling, and hiking. Those who couldn’t go out due to pandemic restrictions engaged in prayer and activity from their homes. Tanya Price, DRIME’s founder and event organizer expressed that “the most encouraging part for me was seeing people from all over the world participate. It brought such a sense of unity, camaraderie, truly being all in this together!”

DRIME’s leaders were so encouraged by the sense of unity that arose from this event that they plan to include this global version in their event next year. “It is no longer just us in Langley running for the nations, but every DRIMER is running for each other, running for more to receive Christ.” – Jennifer Chow, DRIME Staff