Seven Years of Prayer

Linda* was struggling to hold back her emotions when the mic was handed to her during the women’s session at the Blue Mountain Weekend Getaway. As the Q&A time began, she jumped at the opportunity to share what had just happened in her marriage. Bursting into tears, Linda managed to say, “For seven and a half years I’ve been praying for my husband to become a Christian, and today he did. Thank you!”

Linda took a few moments to collect herself, and then told her story to the room of women. For over seven years, Linda had prayed for her husband, asking God that he would become a Christian like her. That very morning, as the FamilyLife speakers shared the gospel message in the Spiritual Oneness session, Linda’s husband prayed to invite Jesus into his life!

Linda was so excited she could hardly contain herself. This was a game-changer! She’d faced seven and a half years of not being able to share the most important part of her life with her spouse. She had greatly struggled with her own doubts and the spiritual disconnect between her and her husband. But now, the years of disappointments and deep longings were behind her. Linda was so filled with joy that she continued to cry, and many of the women in the room joined her.

At the end of the conference, Linda and her husband, who had arrived miles apart spiritually, left with Jesus at the centre of their lives and marriage.

*Name changed for privacy

Gospel Presentations 3,628
Decisions for Christ 43
Event attendees 15,272
Commitments to put Christ at centre of lives & marriage 1,353