Uncertainty about the Future

Sep 10, 2020

Photo By: Jakob Owens

Uncertainty are you tired of hearing that word yet? Are you exhausted by what feels like the ‘worst year ever’? If you are, you’re not alone; we get it. 

Here at Power to Change, we’re not immune to the effects of the pandemic either. 

Yes, we’ve learned to pivot and adapt. We’ve held video calls for every possible thing you can imagine — praying with inmates, sports camps, or digital missions trips. And God has been so good and faithful in the midst of it. But the adjustments haven’t been easy. It’s especially tough as ministry plans for the fall have been completely turned upside-down.

With the fluctuation around school schedules, work opportunities, and health assurances, you might be right there with us. So how do we continue to trust God right now? How do we keep leaning into what He’s called us to do during a globally historic period of transition and waiting? 

The best way we know how to help is by remembering who God is, how He has been sovereign in our lives, and sharing that with others. Our stories illustrate God’s living and active power in us. They build resilience and faith.

We might feel shaken, but we can remind one another that we won’t be knocked down for good! We might feel like 2020 has washed away our security, but stories help us to recognize that Jesus is our firm foundation.

An extraordinary decision 

Our new VP of Communications, Chris Dyer, has been through his own major journey of change and uncertainty. Chris comes from the UK where he worked in the sports and entertainment TV production sector for 25 years. He started at the bottom as a ‘tea boy’ and eventually worked his way to founding his own successful production company. Some of his career highlights are working in the studio when Queen recorded their ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ video and producing a feature with Olympian Usain Bolt

He was clearly successful in his career but felt consistently more and more restless. Consequently, when Chris felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to move on from his company, he quickly obeyed and resigned in what he describes as an ‘extraordinary moment’. In his own words; “It meant walking away from everything I’d been working towards for so many years.”

Journeying into uncertainty 

Packing up their belongings, Chris and his young family left behind the familiar to begin a sabbatical, a time they wanted to use to seek discernment from the Lord as to what was next. It wasn’t easy and it took much prayer, courage, and boldness. Their journey of faith brought them to Vancouver from South America, where they had spent several months exploring.

Having rented their home out in the UK, they didn’t have a place to return to when their sabbatical ended. They felt compelled to look at staying in Vancouver. Trying to plan their lives out in a new country where they had no certainty of their permanence created stresses and strains. “Being in a tension of uncertainty is not an easy place to be. We’re very versed in that.”

But if Chris and his family hadn’t been willing to trust God through the unease of this season, he never would have ended up in this role at Power to Change. Through providential connections and willingness to obey God’s calling, Chris began his work with us in May of 2020, right when we needed him!

In his period of waiting, where the outcomes of his life seemed out of reach or understanding, Chris learned to trust God. “It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned to let Jesus lead.”

Drawing from Chris’ story, here are a few takeaways to consider as you enter this fall.

Don’t give up on 2020 

Friends, our Heavenly Father has our backs! As Chris mentions, God knows exactly what’s going on and He has something for us right now. He put you here for a purpose. This is our assurance and our firm foundation. From this, we can gain great confidence and courage to stand firm during the worst of what’s to come this year or any year.

Reinforce your foundations 

Think of the gospel story about building our houses on solid rock vs sand (Matthew 7:24-27). Let’s take to heart what Chris recommends for seasons like these, “Pressing into God’s word is probably the most valuable thing we can do in a time of uncertainty.” Let’s take this time to allow His truth to sink deep into our troubled hearts and minds so that when the winds come, and they will come, we can stand firm on His solid rock. 

Share your story

Just as we’ve shared Chris’ story here to build our collective faith — share yours with others! Each one of us has a unique God-story to offer that will be an encouragement to others. And make room to listen as well. Another person’s story might be the exact thing you need to hear to remind you of the character, compassion, and comfort of your Saviour.


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About the Author

Maria Schroeder

Maria Schroeder

Maria is the Communications Manager in P2C’s Marketing department. She is a trained dancer, creative thinker, and tea enthusiast. She is passionate about thinking deeply and talking openly about how the gospel restores our lives.