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Hear More From Break Forth One Keynote Speakers

Break Forth One 2018 has come to a close, but we won’t forget the excellent speakers anytime soon. Whether it was Margaret Feinberg talking about being joyful in times when it doesn’t make sense, or Mark Clark explaining how God works through us no matter who we are or where we come from, there were [...]

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Christmas Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find someone that perfect gift? It can be difficult to find a present that is thoughtful, not too expensive, and not something they already have. Christmas is a special time of year where friends and family gather together to share stories, fellowship and gifts. Stress over gift-giving shouldn’t detract from the [...]

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Break Forth One: For Activists

Do you have a passion to see change in your community and around the world? At Break Forth One, you will find support, hope, and resources at different sessions and workshops throughout the weekend. Here are some suggested classes to help make the most of your time at the conference! Friday, January 26, 2018 Ending [...]

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Break Forth One: For Parents

Are you looking to engage your children more effectively? Do you need to refocus on what’s important to you and your family?  Break Forth One offers valuable insights and skills to develop the Christian faith in your family. Take part in some great opportunities to hear and learn from other Christ-followers and parents.       [...]

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Break Forth One: For Ministry Leaders

Are you leading well? Or is busyness overwhelming your ability to make an impact? Join us at Break Forth One to gain new leadership insights and become a more engaged and effective leader! Check out some of these inspiring and hands-on classes you can sign up for over the weekend: Friday, January 26, 2018 Dive [...]

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Break Forth One: For Worship Leaders

  With amazing keynote speakers, classes, and worship, this weekend conference is a great way to connect, study, and learn with other Christ-followers. As a worship leader attending Break Forth One, there are many activities and workshops for you to enjoy. Here are some suggested classes to help make the most of your time at [...]

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Gen Z: 7 ways to connect with the ultra-connected

In our recent magazine, we shared how Power to Change – Students is working in the lives of Generation Z. This new generation, comprised of those born starting in the mid 1990s, is often and accurately called “post-Christian”. That means that many of them have grown up without hearing about Christianity. P2C-Students is actively working [...]

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5  Ways to Make the Most of your Labour Day Weekend

As we head into Labour Day Weekend, the last weekend of the summer, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your three days. Bless Someone with a Random Act of Kindness Have you ever gone through a drive-thru and had your order paid for you by the person ahead? It [...]

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La St-Jean-Baptiste Day

This evening, all over the province of Québec, huge bonfires will be lit to celebrate the official beginning of summer. Everywhere you go, you will find people assembled to laugh, sing, dance and have fun, all while celebrating our heritage as Québécois.   National Holiday (Quebec) – from commons.wikimedia.org The tradition was revived [...]

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Spiritual multiplication comes full circle

“When he said that name, I was blown away.”   When Gregg Hinzelman sat down at his table at the Toronto Leadership Lab, he had no idea he was about to get a reminder of the power of spiritual multiplication.   The Leadership Lab was a chance for staff and business leaders from around the world [...]

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