2009 – Robert Montgomery

Robert recalls the story of a representative he met during a Christian Embassy business tour who came to Christ: An ambassador from El Salvador joined the business tour that Christian Embassy put together to go to Windsor in 2009. I asked him what he thought about the spiritual concept of the tour. The ambassador appreciated ...

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2007 – Organization Changes Name From Campus Crusade for Christ to Power to Change

Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada changes its name to Power to Change Ministries to reflect its wide breadth of ministries. The final phase of the ministry headquarters is also completed.

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2006 – Donna Mitchell

Donna describes the beginning of Connecting Streams and how the ministry reaches out to society's marginalized: My first involvement with Campus Crusade for Christ (now Power to Change) was on a summer mission trip when I was in Bible college. I had been a believer maybe two years and wanted to go overseas, but the ...

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2005 – Jarret Wall

Jarret recalls his first encounter with Athletes in Action: I was a new believer at the University of Alberta through an organization called Young Life. I was on the wrestling team and at that time spent a couple of years wavering in my faith. One day a woman named Roxanne showed up and introduced herself ...

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2005 – Leadership Ministries Changes Their Name to LeaderImpact

LeaderImpact was a result of a merger between the Leadership Ministries and Leadership Groups. LeaderImpact offers collective learning and mentorship for marketplace leaders through weekly peer groups, regular leadership forums, and global exchanges.

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