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2017 – Neil and Sharol Josephson

Neil talks about FamilyLife and what it looks like, working side by side with his wife Sharol, as a ministry seeking to equip spouses in their marriages and family in today's society: FamilyLife used to be about just coming to the weekend getaway or just watching our TV show, but neither of those fit with [...]

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2014 – WHEN Becomes its own Ministry of Power to Change

In 2008, Women's Heart-Engagement Network (WHEN) began its strategy as a sub-ministry of the International Network at Campus Crusade for Christ. Later, in 2014, WHEN would become its own official ministry of Power to Change.  Today, WHEN connects women to Jesus Christ and the local church through meaningful relationships, authentic dialogue, and powerful teamwork.   [...]

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2011 – Campus for Christ Ministry Changes to P2C-Students

Campus for Christ Ministry was the original name of the Student Ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ. With the change of the organization's name in Canada, to Power to Change, Campus for Christ became P2C-Students. P2C-Students is established on many University Campuses in every Canadian Province helping students discover Jesus.  

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2011 – Tanya Price

 Tanya Price speaks about a man who became curious about Christianity and what happened down the road after a seed was planted in him through DRIME: There was an atheist man who regularly came out to the DRIME in Vancouver. He asked us thoughtful questions, was very receptive, and wanted to learn. After a while [...]

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