Ministry Question – WHEN

“We create a warm, welcoming environment where women feel they can be honest about where they’re at in life, and then we continue to journey with them in Discovery Groups—sharing both joys and struggles as we help women connect with Jesus.” Jeanne Manire New National Director “We encourage and empower each other [...]

If not now, WHEN?

Kari Leoganda has a passion for connecting women to each other and to God. Out of her own pain and personal struggles, she developed a deep desire to help women discover their true source of strength in Jesus Christ. Armed with this vision, Kari connected with Janet Fierbach of Power to Change (P2C). With Kari’s [...]


noun  con·flux  \ 1. a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point 2. the flowing together of two or more streams by Erica Shelley As a young woman in search of education and opportunity, Jean-Marie left her quiet home village of Guede Codji, Benin, for the bustling economic hub of Cotonou. Though [...]

Hollow Places

by Stephanie Cooper & Danielle Kinvig “Calgary’s core has been hollowed out, and with it, the identity and purpose of many marketplace leaders.” When gas and crude oil prices plummeted in 2014, Alberta was sent into a tailspin. Companies’ bottom line projections went deep into the red, triggering massive layoffs. In downtown Calgary, hundreds of [...]

Differences & Drift: Wisdom for the challenges every marriage will face

Neil Josephson | Contributing Writer Why is marriage so natural and easy at one moment, and so difficult and complex at another? Why do some marriages grow in love and finish together, while others grow cold and end in divorce? Two words: differences and drift. Dealing with differences One of the greatest marriage myths today [...]

Following Faithfully: Fern

by Fern Cyr | Contributing Writer As Power to Change celebrates its 50th anniversary, there are a multitude of stories to share. God’s faithfulness can be seen through each of these accounts. Below is one such example from Fern Cyr, Chairperson of LeaderImpact’s Calgary City Team. I was living two different lives. As an executive in [...]