A response from the president of Power to Change to COVID-19

1998 – Steve and Georgie Kearns

Steve and Georgie played a part in the discipleship of Stephen Curry's family: One of the couples we discipled over 15 years ago were the parents of Stephen Curry, the NBA basketball player. It is incredible to hear Stephen Curry on everything today. He’s now (arguably) the number one basketball player in the world, and ...

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1997 – Cities of the World Project

Cities of the World was a cooperative initiative of the ministries which focused on partnering with local churches, businesses, and political leaders of various cities in order to reach the populations. The first Cities of the World project exposed 15 million to the gospel in Columbia. Right after that, the project continued to reach cities in ...

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1995 – TruthMedia Begins

As more and more of the world connects to the internet, TruthMedia is launched: TruthMedia was an online ministry that created evangelistic content in multiple languages. Today, this ministry continues as Digital Strategies, providing online mentorship and life-changing content for Christians and non-Christians across multiple websites.  

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1995 – Gordon Volkman

Gordon shares how he helped bring Campus Crusade for Christ to South Africa: In 1995, I took members of parliament and businessmen on an outreach trip to South Africa one year after Nelson Mandela was elected. They got so excited and they wanted to start a Christian Embassy. I came back and told Leanne, “you ...

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