Connect with your community this Easter!

Easter Monday is coming up on April 2nd and the long weekend is a good opportunity to reach out to others in your community. We recently shared a blog post titled 8 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Easter where we discussed how you can prepare for Easter personally, but now we want to help you take the next step! We want to encourage you to reach out to people in your community with the glorious news of Christ’s resurrection.

Here are a few ideas for you to try!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Give a Gift

Gifts may not be every person’s love language, but everyone appreciates thoughtful generosity. Serve your neighbours by building small gift baskets with chocolates, fruits, and maybe even an invitation to your Easter Sunday church service. If this isn’t quite your style, bake something! Send some cinnamon buns, cookies, or hot-cross buns over to your neighbours, and simply wish them a Happy Easter and blessed long weekend.


Serve the Community

One great opportunity to share the love of Christ is to serve people in need within your community. Gather some neighbours, your extended family, or your care group from church and find a way to serve those in need. Volunteer at a community event, a soup kitchen, or walk around the neighbourhood and offer some spring cleaning services to any single parents, elderly people, or families you know that might not have time. Demonstrating kindness is a simple way to show the love of God to those around you.


Invite Someone to an Easter Church Service

Finally, we want to encourage you to invite someone to attend your Sunday morning Easter church service with you — your church has probably been encouraging you to do this and now is the time! Afterwards, invite them out for lunch or even to come back to church with you next week.

Another option is to attend an Easter sunrise service. A sunrise service is a unique way to introduce your non-Christian friends to a serene and powerful experience that represents the depth of God’s love for us. Grab a coffee and take them bright and early to a church service where God’s name can be praised as the sun lights on His beautiful creation.

As Easter approaches, brainstorm and put some ideas into action to reach your community. Do you have some ideas we didn’t mention? Share how you are reaching your neighbours in the season leading up to Easter!

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