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Seeing the unseen

Some people in your community are easily forgotten. They reside in correctional institutions, nursing homes, the inner city or may even dwell in your neighbourhood—belonging to vulnerable people groups such as widows and immigrant populations. They’re often lonely, troubled and looking for hope.

But you can help them discover their true value in God’s eyes. Connecting Streams connects the Church with the broken and marginalized. Volunteer-led teams present the gospel, promote discipleship relationships and help those in need to fully experience the Holy Spirit’s transformational power.



Volunteer and help a hurting world

Connecting Streams offers several volunteer opportunities to get involved and serve those whom society often forgets or overlooks. Make the most of your time and bring hope to someone’s life.


“I joined the Widow to Widow group a year and a half ago. I enjoyed my first meeting very much and signed up for the Bible study group. I loved our Bible study, getting to know the ladies in our group, the welcome hugs from everyone as we entered the front door and again when we were leaving to go home. In April of last year, I had to restart chemo treatments for a recurrence of my cancer. At that time, the Widow to Widows ladies were there to love and support me and most of all to pray for me. I’ve been widowed for almost 20 years and now only wish that I would have had a group like this at that time. I’m truly blessed to be part of this amazing group and thank God for all His wonderful gifts and this ministry,”
says Susan, a Widow to Widow group attendee



“Every time I give myself to the work of God in obedience, God prunes me to the likeness of Jesus Christ. When we take the initiative and say, ‘OK God, we are obeying you’ and go to these people, God is full of surprises. When we go there, God is faithful. He brings people who are searching and wanting to hear the gospel. When the two of you meet, it becomes a blessing for both. But we have to do the initial going. If we don’t go, we won’t see the blessing of evangelism,”
says Jamal, a volunteer with the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre’s men’s group



“These women just need to know that they’re valued, beautiful, loved, respected and are worth everything that God did for them. I’ve never seen God at work so much except when I visit women in prison. I go to prison to find God and to see Him at work there,”
says Cherie, a volunteer with the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre women’s group

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