Word on the street

The heart of DRIME’s ministry can be seen through its teams on many street corners around the world. Using a combination of drama and one-on-one evangelism, DRIME shares the message of Jesus with anyone who will stop and watch.

DRIME also nurtures the spiritual growth of its members, develops leaders, and empowers other outreach ministries through drama workshops and evangelism training.



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Want to share the gospel in a creative way at your event? Interested in showing the story of Jesus in a refreshing way at your church? DRIME would love to be part of your outreach event or church service.


“My understanding of God deepened. When doing the dramas, I could really understand what kind of a God our God is. For example, when doing the drama “Please,” I could see how Jesus was beaten for us and how much He loves us, even though we aren’t very lovable. A few times while I was “performing,” I really did cry. You can feel that God is right there next to you, and you can see Him being beaten. When you go to church, you hear the Word of God and many teachings, but when you are on the street (doing and seeing the dramas), the feeling is a lot more vivid. You can’t deny that it’s a strong feeling.”
Tsz Ching, a DRIME Hong Kong team member.



“Our DRIME team visited a hospital and performed some dramas in the yard for some sick people and children. That afternoon I saw a young pregnant girl sitting and watching the dramas. She seemed very dejected and sad. Her name was Maria and she was only 15, and one month away from giving birth. She did not have money to buy what she needed for her baby. We encouraged her and told her that God has a plan for her and her son. She listened to everything we said and believed. We were able to pray with her and help her with all her needs.”
a DRIME Paraguay team member

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