“Our aim in this is to show that our conduct in dealing with these substantial sums is above reproach; for we take pains to do what is right not only in the sight of God but also in the sight of other people.”

2 Corinthians 8:20–21 CJB

MoneySense "A" grading

Power to Change Ministries received an ‘A’ rating in both Charity Efficiency and Fundraising Efficiency from MoneySense in their 2018 Charity 100 Guide. Moneysense has not ranked religious charities since 2018. However, both fundraising and administration costs remain within the ‘A’ ranking as outlined in their 2018 Charity 100 Guide.

2020 Financials

The following information is taken from our audited financial statements, which are available here.


Contributions (85.2%)$33,911,346
Conference Registrations (2.3%)$928,016
Sales of Literature and Materials (0.6%)$222,004
Other (11.6%)$4,596,422
Gift in Kind Contributions (0.3%)$118,147
Investment Income (<0.1%)$10,281
Total Revenue: $39,786,216


Ministry Programs (86%)$32,270,279
Fundraising (8.3%)$3,110,855
Administration (3.8%)$1,439,856
Amortization (1.5%)$579,890
Interest on long-term debt (0.3%)$123,036
Total Expenses:$37,523,916
Excess of revenue over expenses: $2,262,300
2020 Audited Financial Statement

Canadian Christian Council logoAs a member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities we adhere to their Standards of Integrity and Accountability.