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You’re here because you care about the next generation of students in Canada.

Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada is the fruit of a research partnership between Power to Change – Students, InterVarsity, Youth for Christ, Truth Matters Ministries and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Click here to learn more about our research partnership.

Renegotiating Faith looks at the transition from high school to the next stage in life for Canadians age 18 to 28 who had a Christian religious affiliation as a teen and who attended religious services at least monthly at some point during their teen years.

Everyone connected with this research cares very deeply about our young adults’ relationships with Christ and their spiritual formation. We hope and pray you’ll find this research helpful in your ministry with Canada’s youth and young adults.

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Last updated on October 17, 2018*

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    *Corrections have been made to tables 7.11 and 7.12. These corrections are arithmetic in nature and do not change the argument or conclusions of the report.

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