Story and Song: DRIME presents a benefit concert with Steve Bell

DRIME has been using their unique choreographed dramas to tell stories about Jesus for over two decades. As they perform on street corners around the world, they open up opportunities to start spiritual conversations and share the gospel.


“How cool would it be if people kept encountering ‘the man in the white t-shirt’?” asks Jamie Arseneau, the Communications Lead. “Whether they’re on vacation, travelling for work, or here in Vancouver, we want them to keep having encounters that spark curiosity, interactions that engage them with God, and experiences that lead them to want to continue the dialogue.”  


DRIME currently has a presence in 9 countries, and has big goals. Their 2020 vision is to have 20 new teams in 20 new cities by 2020. “God has been doing some really cool things with all our teams, and they’re multiplying like crazy,” Jamie says. “God has been giving us glimpses that show us that our big vision is becoming a reality now.”


On November 4, DRIME will be hosting a benefit concert with award-winning singer/songwriter Steve Bell at North Langley Community Church. This benefit concert will help DRIME take the next step in starting the ministry in five new cities.


“The idea of sharing stories through music is something that we connect with, and that’s something Steve Bell is known for,” Jamie says. “His songs speak of the journey we are all on.”


While Bell will be the main feature of the night, there will also be a drama performance from DRIME and an opportunity to learn more about and support DRIME’s ministry.

“My hope for the night is to bring more awareness to DRIME’s presence overseas,” Jamie says. “We are a ministry that is multiplying and growing. It’s not just us here in Canada doing DRIME – we are multicultural, and developing leaders among the locals who are leading it themselves. We have an opportunity together to fund and start these teams so that so many more people can experience Christ and encounter His story.”


Tickets for the Story and Song benefit concert are available at and are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.


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