What do bell-bottoms and the University of British Columbia have in common? One thing: Josh McDowell. In 1965 our great southern neighbours sent two pioneers with a passion to reach students for Christ across the border to UBC. And in 1967, Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada was born.

While we have been through a few name changes over the years, our vision and our commitment to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth has never changed. In 1967 Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada was established under the leadership of Josh McDowell at the University of British Columbia. This launch occurred just 16 years after the founding of Campus Crusade for Christ at UCLA by Bill and Vonette Bright.

Today Power to Change – Students works alongside 11 other ministries under the umbrella of Power to Change Ministries helping to bring Christ to every domain of Canadian society. We are also a part of the great global family of Campus Crusade for Christ International also known as CRU.

Our Founder: Dr. Bright

In 1951, Bill and Vonette Bright pursued their passion for ministry by starting Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of California at Los Angeles. What began with college students has since grown into one of the largest international Christian ministries in the world, reaching beyond students to serve inner cities, humanitarian needs, athletes, political and business leaders, the entertainment industry and families.

Our Global Family

Power to Change, Canada is a part of the Brights’ legacy to see the world reached for Christ. We are proud of our heritage and thankful to those who have gone before us with a passion and a vision that inspires us to never shrink back from boldly proclaiming Christ. Currently Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) has more than 27,000 staff members and 225,000 volunteers working in 190 countries. As an an active member of the CCCI family, Power to Change – Students seeks to serve our global family through shared initiatives and ongoing partnerships. Globally, P2C – Students specifically helps to build movements of evangelism and discipleship through our international partnerships.