Leadership Development & Training Director and Campus Ministries Director

John“My goal is to serve staff, teams and students by increasing recruiting, training and developing our staff well.”

  • Joined Power to Change in 2006
  • Alumnus of University of Alberta

John first got involved with P2C as a student at the University of Alberta. He has been on staff with P2C for six years and currently serves as the Vancouver Metro Team Director, spending his time on the campuses of UBC, SFU and Langara College. John spent a year on STINT in East Asia as a student, has been on five projects as both a student and staff and will be one of the directors for the upcoming UK Project. He is currently working on his Masters in Business at SFU. John loves to be active and in his spare times enjoys playing hockey and soccer. He lives in downtown Vancouver with his wife and three kids three and under.