Many people make up this community that we call Power to Change: students and staff on campuses from every province of our nation, with many cultural backgrounds and a variety of passions and skill sets. But the thing that unites us is this: we are here to change the world by helping students discover Jesus.

Our students

More than 2500 students are actively involved in small groups where they are growing in their faith and learning to share it with others. Each one has their own unique story. Each one is a world-changer. Meet Jeremy in the video above. He represents just one of these stories.

Our staff

We have nearly 200 staff serving in five countries globally. Each of our staff is passionate about helping students discover Jesus and equipping them to live and share their faith for a lifetime. Our staff serve in many capacities, in the unique ways that God has gifted them. They are heroes of the faith, daily surrendering to Jesus and asking Him to use them to change lives.

Our leadership

Our National Leadership Team is a passionate group of people who love working together. They continually look to Jesus for guidance as they lead us forward on mission.

P2C - S National Leadership Team