This year we’ve published over 125 articles. While the hard work of our writers demands that each is read a second (or more) time, we can only highlight so many. Here are 20 of our favourite blogs this year (in no particular order!): 

1. How to love across the political divide

Author: The Official Blog

“One time during my family’s American Thanksgiving celebration, a grandmother asked me for my opinion of a certain controversial American politician. I answered honestly and instructively. Which is another way of saying I was self-righteous and arrogant.”

2. Meet me — and my disability

Author: Olivia Eder

“I wish that people would see me as a person first, and then my disability. You may be surprised, but I have the same feelings, hopes, and dreams as any other young woman.”

3. Growing up an ocean apart didn’t stop us from being siblings

Author: Jade Song

“When I was only six months old, my dad wanted to move our entire family back to Asia and start his career there. He took me with him, while my sister, who is six years older, remained with my mom in Canada, and grew up moving back and forth between the two continents. All of this came with a cost.”

4. Living life in a COVID red zone

Author: Sarah Davies

“I miss seeing my friends and having them over for a cup of coffee. I’m sad that I couldn’t go home to see my family for Thanksgiving. I get angry and frustrated when it feels like this “new normal” will go on forever.”

5. Autumn, she’s never static

Author: Desmond Watts

“Autumn, she’s never static
Always dramatic.
Either overflowing or sporadic...
Monday she’ll say “Winter jacket.”
Tuesday “Summer shorts!”
Leaving confusion for you 
and your cohorts.”

6. Feeling “done” with online school

Author: Erin Ford

“When we persevere in a challenging season from a place of rest, and not emptiness, it becomes much easier to finish well.” 

7. Formed by my multiracial family

Author: Hannah Watt 

“I’m learning to see myself as a mashup, not as a half-this-half-that, but as a whole person. I’m starting to see myself as a complete tapestry of woven cultures and traditions and bloodlines and family trees that makes up this skin I’m in. “

8. Explaining my Black grief

Author: Tofunmi Akinlalu

“I remember my mother looking at my older brother and fearing that his sarcastic sense of humour and tall Black frame would one day be perceived the wrong way, that other Black families would gather together in their homes and mourn his name.”

9. When Christians aren’t safe in dating relationships

Author: Rebecca K Tan

“As he twisted God’s Word and regularly reminded me that I was not chosen, God’s child, nor part of the elect, I believed that God had abandoned me.”

10. 1 John Series

Author: Jason Cheong

“Essentially, this will be a series of posts where I’ll be reading through 1 John with you, offering some of my insights and observations, looking to understand the text, and seeing what we can take away from it.”

11. I almost walked away from my faith

Author: Sarah Davies

“I recognized that my faith was changing and evolving, which felt scary. My black-and-white faith suddenly developed various shades of grey.”

12. Dear social anxiety

Author: Angelina Havaris

“You started to show up whenever I wanted to go out, giving me pep talks that really got my heart racing: Don’t go; they’ll all just ignore you, you whispered. Eventually, as we became better acquainted, you convinced me to stop going out altogether.”

13. Jesus’ dirty dishes

Author: Sam Robins

“It seems that even though God knows all about my messes, he is willing to live in me anyways.”

14. She was human

Author: Tim Trouborst

“I had been working at the restaurant for six months when they hired Julie. Julie was petite with long blonde hair and bright blue doe eyes.”

15. How we can honour Indigenous students

Author: Charlie Ratte

“Trust is built over time”

16. How to truly love others in a time of COVID-19

Author: Sam Robins

“Love never fails. 

But where there is self-isolation, someday we will see this come to an end. 

Where there is physical distancing, we will again know physical touch.”

17. Nova Scotia shootings: How long, Oh Lord?

Author: The Official Blog

“As I sat at the edge of my bed that Sunday night, I realized that April 19th is now a day of corporate grief, not just a personal one for my family. We grieve the loss of my son, and now our province grieves the loss of many more sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends.”

Author: Graham Watt

“As these conversations gain popularity, it is easy to dismiss people’s experience in either the deconstruction of faith or the reconstruction of faith. People often suspect poor motives of the other person in either case, whether deconstruction or reconstruction. This is common in the land of the internet, and as a result, it’s easy to dismiss people’s experience.”

19. We need to cancel “cancel culture”

Author: Mandy H

“We need to understand just how possible and probable evil actions are in any human life. This in no way excuses the evil that is dispensed by the words, actions, and relationships of an individual. It doesn’t minimize the damage, justify the actions, or erase those evil deeds.”

20. From Cameroon to Canada: Exploring my identity as a third-culture kid

Author: Josie Fomé

“Nevertheless, something in me had shifted. It was in the way the red dirt roads embraced the soles of my shoes, the way my uncle’s welcoming and warm embrace steadied me, the ride to my family’s compound…it had been fifteen years in the making, but I had finally made it back home. Cameroon, how I had missed you.”

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