People in the small village of Agodenou, Benin were intrigued by our choreographed drama about Jesus.

Alphonse, a local believer, invited people to come forward if they wanted to learn more. I was in awe when the majority of the audience came forward. (The drama was led by GAiN’s partner, DRIME.) 

I really wanted to have a spiritual conversation with one of the villagers but I couldn’t speak the local language. Thankfully Derek offered to translate for me. Together we approached Celestina, an elderly lady sitting a bit removed from the crowd.

kids water gain

Connecting physical thirst & spiritual thirst

She was eager to share with us why she came to the drama. Global Aid Network (GAiN) had recently drilled a water well in her village. During that time Celestina visited the church GAiN’s partner, The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy had planted and heard the gospel. Her heart was further stirred by the drama she witnessed. When she reflected on how God was drawing her to himself, she wanted to respond. Celestina put her faith in Jesus that night. In large part, it was because GAiN had drilled a well in her village.

Derek allowed me to lead and navigate the conversation. I was delighted to lead her through a prayer to confess her sin and place her trust in Jesus. She was so joyful and repeatedly thanked us for building a church in her community.

Celestina promised to attend every week, “If you drop in any given Sunday, then you’ll find me there for sure.”

It was special to have witnessed and been a part of Celestina’s spiritual journey towards Jesus.  

– Story by Kristan

haiti team gain

The love of God in word and deed

You recognize the importance of social justice and responsibility. You want to see lives impacted. You want to see equality established worldwide through providing for basic needs such as clean water, food, and shelter.  

But how do you transform your passion for world change into actual impact in the lives of needy people?

Join a Global Aid LIFE Team mission trip.

Together with GAiN, Power to Change – Students wants to provide a practical opportunity for you to connect your love for sharing the gospel and your passion for practical care. By participating in a GAiN LIFE Team mission trip, you can live out your passion. You will work directly with those in need and share the gospel message that has the power to truly transform lives.

Since 2012, P2C-Students has been partnering with GAiN to afford conscientious students like yourself a unique way to share the gospel in word and deed. If your heart resonates with GAiN’s mission statement, “We exist to demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects,” you should seriously consider joining a trip this year.

haiti singing

Okay, you’ve got my attention, but what will I do on a GAiN trip?

While every trip is unique, each trip will focus on loving people in word and deed. Your trip could consist of some of the following experiences:

  • Serve alongside the local people in their daily work to meet practical needs for clean water, food, and shelter.
  • Help a GAiN team build a concrete well-cap, and/or a significant building project.
  • Build rapport and play games with children in the village.
  • Learn how to share your story of faith in a culturally relevant way.
  • Learn how to transition to the gospel while serving people’s physical needs.  
  • Participate in or lead daily devotionals and debrief times to help your team renew their dependence on Jesus and make the most of every opportunity.
  • Assist with The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy and show The JESUS Film.

Activate the activist within you. Take a step of faith and partner with GAiN to fulfill your passion and build God’s kingdom.

benin team working

Three questions to gauge your activism fit

  1. Do you find your heart stirred with compassion for people in great physical need and want to help alleviate their suffering?
  2. Do you want to not compromise your opportunities for evangelism when partnering with a humanitarian agency?
  3. Do you find yourself unable to resist the combination of meeting people’s physical, and spiritual needs?

If you answered yes to the above questions, start your application today.

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Interested in learning more about Global Aid Network? Hop on over to

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