Jesus’ mission carries on in the life of a student beyond graduation. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we’re catching up with some of our alumni and celebrating how they are living lives on mission as they continue to follow Jesus.

Called to film

Eunice started to cry.

As she watched the “behind the scenes” documentary of the film Atonement in third year university, God’s voice spoke clearly to her. “You need to pursue this Eunice.”

Her love of film had developed shortly before when she went on a short film mission trip with Power to Change over the reading week break. She spent a week in Guelph learning about filmmaking and then later that year, she made a film about the Easter story and shared it online. Her film received an emotional reaction from many people and she realized how powerful the medium of film is, and decided to explore it further to combine her heart for evangelism and ministry with the skills and interests God had given her.

God was calling Eunice into the film industry so that she could engage people in spiritual themes and topics, to inspire people to consider the gospel.

I want to hold things loosely and trust God where he leads. Ministry wise, there’s always ministry everywhere we go.


It was during her involvement as a student with P2C that Eunice developed an awareness and urgency for people to hear the gospel. Even though she entered university simply hoping to survive as a Christian, she quickly realized it was a place where her faith could thrive as she served in community and shared her faith with her friends.

It was these experiences on campus that helped prepare her to share her faith and minister to people in the film industry where God was leading her next.

A leap of faith into film school

After her university graduation, Eunice placed her film interests on the backburner as she entered the professional field, thinking film school was too expensive. Yet while working and sharing her faith with her coworkers, Eunice realized her true passion for art and film.

40 hours a week is a long time to be spending doing something you’re not passionate about, that isn’t using all your skills. I started to re-evaluate my life and took a leap of faith to go to film school. It seems where all my skill sets came together: creative writing, photography, organization, editing. Film is such a dynamic medium so they all fit there.


Using film in evangelism and discipleship

With only 26 other students in her film class, and often working long hours on projects, Eunice has had the chance to live out her faith among her peers. One horror-esque film project she worked on last March was another rendition of the Easter story, delving into gospel themes of being enslaved to sin and having another person come to free you. She was able to use the film to help explain spiritual and theological truths about Jesus with her classmate who had become a Christian earlier this summer, and who Eunice had started to disciple. Film helps illustrate important spiritual truths in a unique way that connects directly with people’s hearts and life experiences. Eunice loves tapping into that.

She recently wrote and directed a fantasy-drama film this fall alongside her classmates, this time exposing God’s heart for wanting people to return to him and join his family. Being less blatant with gospel themes has allowed Eunice to engage in ongoing conversations about the piece with her classmates and she’s excited to continue to dialogue about it as it gets edited and produced.

How I represent Christ and treat people in this environment is more important than how amazing my visual story is or how it will cut. I want to be conducting myself in a manner worthy of the gospel.


With help from the Holy Spirit

In an environment that can have high stress and large egos, Eunice is careful to enter each project and set with help from the Holy Spirit to remain humble and dependent on God.

While working on set, Eunice has even had the chance to pray with her classmates before long outdoor shoots where emotions can easily run high. Praying often sets the day off on a good foot. In an industry that can be very unchurched and anti-Christian, it could be easy to shy away from being honest or expressive about faith. But Eunice has found that people are more willing to participate and don’t shut her down when invited into conversations.

Having built trust with her classmates over the last 1.5 years, they know Eunice is serious about her faith and trust her. She’s had the chance to have many spiritual conversations, and when you meet Eunice and interact with her, it’s easy to see why. Her authentic nature and welcoming personality are incredibly invitational. She listens, and is eager to hear a person’s journey.

I have a heart for reaching people in this industry because they need Jesus. Working long hours with people you bond with them and it’s a great environment to be an ambassador of Christ to share life with them. That’s my general aim in missional living. I want to make films that are wholesome and have a good message that can help start conversations about God.

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