This week the P2C-S Podcast Network is launching three new podcasts as well as the second season of Undiscussed. You may not have all the time in the world to listen to all this great new content, so we wanted to give you the lowdown on what might be the best podcast for you.


Undiscussed” is back this Tuesday with the second season of things that Christians should talk about but often don’t. This season will tackle topics like transgenderism, doubt, poverty, and suicide. It’s the perfect podcast for listeners who desire to take a deeper look into the bigger questions of life, culture, and faith.

Christians sometimes have a reputation for remaining silent on certain issues and, in some cases, that silence has hurt people who personally struggle with those issues. Eric and Caroline hope to begin conversations that can constructively bring us closer to a future in which people aren’t afraid to speak openly among Christians about the issues they face.

Eric and Caroline are two Power to Change – Students staff members (and friends) who are passionate about exploring how faith integrates with life and culture – often exploring the grey and nuanced areas that go undiscussed.


Approach” is a podcast where you can meet people who have experienced struggle and change when the intersection of their life experiences and their faith has gotten messy. These stories are often approached with worry, fear, and panic – despite being so relatable and common. We hope to see that change as our guests share in an atmosphere of understanding, compassion, and empathy.

If you’re asking some big questions at the intersection of life and faith and are feeling outcast and alone, this podcast might be for you. If you know people who are in this spot and are feeling lost in how to respond, this podcast might be for you. Or if you want to discover just how unpredictable life and faith can be, this podcast might be for you.

The host is Mandy. She’s Brian’s wife, Chloe’s mom, and an employee of Power to Change – Students. She is going through some reconstruction of her own faith as a result of life changes, and hasn’t loved the way those around her have responded – so she’s hosting a space to present how common this experience is, and how we can listen with empathy and compassion, without judging, saving, or fixing.

We hope to discover a new approach to challenging conversations and invite people to talk about the tough stuff in life and faith – because it’s hard and confusing.

Catch the first episode this Wednesday.

Dear Student

In “Dear Student,” we sit in on a candid kitchen table conversation between Hannah, a Grade 10 student, and her father, Graham. They explore relevant questions that affect students in all aspects of life, from academics, the best makeup, to the deepest personal struggle.

If you relate to any of that – you’re a student, you have a clueless parent/guardian, you are a clueless parent wishing to no longer be clueless – then this podcast is for you.

Join Hannah and Graham for their first episode this Thursday, as they explore the relationship between a parent and child as they navigate the everyday topics of being a student and youth.

Ultimate Questions

Ultimate Questions” is a podcast that offers bite-size snippets of Christian apologetics, designed to help listeners discover the believability of Christianity. Jonathan, an apologist with Power to Change, wants to share what he has learned over his years of study in concise, easy-to-digest thoughts and teachings – like you’re having a car chat with your new apologist friend.

Whether you’re a Christian looking for some more certainty in what you believe, some answers to the doubts and questions you’ve been asking or have been asked, or if you’re considering faith and wanting to understand the basis for the Christian faith, we hope you tune in this Friday!

All podcasts are available anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can see them all on our website at

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