Money, money, money! The more, the better, right? Yup, my plan is to work up the ladder and have it made—early retirement, with stacks of cash.

Still, at first I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted the stress that comes with making so much money. After all, I just need enough for a comfortable life—all my needs met, with a few wants thrown in for good measure. After all, who doesn’t want to have time to enjoy life too?

I didn’t, and don’t, want to wait until retirement. 

Of course, once I find the perfect job, maybe I won’t need more time. I’ll have fun while I work. That’s the dream!

Unfortunately, my first job didn’t respect my dreams. Still, I thought I could manage being chained to a desk for a year or two, at least until I figured out how to start my own company. Then I’d be free.

Well, it hasn’t quite worked out that way, but still, I’m doing pretty well. Thinking back, my road to success started with getting to graduation. That was a bit harder than I thought it would be. That senior project didn’t write itself.

Ah well, sleep is overrated and friends are friends. I’m sure they were okay with my temporary disappearance. After all, no one even remembers that last year of school—I certainly don’t.

But I do remember thinking: “Graduation, here we come! Employers will be lining up to hire me. I mean, just look at my work ethic this past year.” 

I was so looking forward to filling up that empty bank account and treating my friends, like that guy and his sister—wait, what were their names? Ah, I’m sure they’ll come to me when I have some more time to think. 

Anyways, after sending out a few hundred resumés and doing dozens of interviews, bingo, I got myself a dream job.

And, wow, it really was a dream! I was making so much money I didn’t know what to do with it. Those 12-hour days really paid off—I got myself a snazzy smartphone, a sweet set of wheels, and a perfectly decorated place of my own. 

And I started reconnecting with my awesome friends—it was great to see all their likes and comments on the photos I posted. 

Man, I can’t wait until I’m less busy so I can show off my stuff in person.

Okay, so eventually I quit that job because I didn’t get as much time off as I wanted. 

But at my third job, I scored an extra half-day off on long weekends. Too bad my friends don’t have perks like that. 

Once I remember DMing some friends but only one guy had an hour for me. But then work wanted me to shift my half-day and my “friend” just couldn’t flex. Sheesh! 

Well, at least I made a lot of money working overtime instead.

Still, that’s all water under the bridge. I got tired of that job and its 5 a.m. wake-up. Was it just the other month that I was thinking: “Life’s boring. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the pizazz?” 

Can you believe it? I was eating cold pizza for breakfast before dashing out the door for my 90-minute commute. Fortunately I had another thought: “Why am I working so far away?”

Once that train of thought started there was no stopping it. I got a spring in my step just thinking about my entrepreneurial dreams again. 

I had a bunch of work experience so I said to myself: “Here comes freedom: working from home!” 

My thoughts seemed to be on a roll, because after that, another one briefly crossed my mind: “What would Jesus do?” followed by “Oh wait, when was the last time I read my Bible? Last week, I think.” 

I decided that once a week should be fine. After all, didn’t Jesus work long days too? I’m sure he’d understand.

So here I am, what a thrill! I’m working from home now. I have a sick new company logo and people are liking my product promo posts. 

Give it a few months and I’m going to be set for life, I’m sure. This is the dream—get up, eat a powerbar, chug an energy drink, log onto my life (my computer, that is). No more 90-minute, one-way, commutes. My friends are coming through with their social media likes, so my product is going to be on fire this Christmas. 

I might even be able to take a break for a New Year’s Eve party. Life’s great!

I’m looking forward to laughing with my friends—it’s been a year, or something like that. I sure miss them.

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About the Author

Hobbe Smit

Hobbe Smit is an occasional writer for Power to Change and is on staff at McMaster University (since 2010), where he is also a part-time student. He enjoys spending time in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Heather and their two children. He also enjoys reading, birding, board games, and computer games.

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