Power to Change Staff Conference 2014. Inpired multiplication together.

He hadn’t even met her, yet was filled with a deep and profound love for her.

Sean Cullen shared the story of the sudden and unplanned birth of his daughter, Lydia, earlier this year. He related to us the powerful and shocking love he felt for his daughter in those early moments of her difficult birth.

Even though Sean had never met his daughter before that moment, he was shocked by the strength of his love. As his wife lay on the living room floor, and the parametics swept up Lydia to rush her to the hospital, Sean faced a moment of agonizing tension; should he stay with his wife or go to the hospital?

Sean helped us relate his profound love for Lydia to God’s love for each of us. Before we even existed, God loved us.

I saw every girl as my sister

It was God’s unique love for us which motivated Him to send Jesus to die for our sins; of which we are all guilty. But not only us, I was reminded that we cannot forget that all are in desperate need of a Saviour.

Hearing of God’s motivation reminded me of my first heart motivation to reach out and minister to others. When I was a young student attending P2C+ Toronto, God started to change my heart toward evangelism and sharing my faith. This led me to develop a deep love for evangelism, a passion for the world, and led me to do an internship with P2C-Students this year.

The original reason behind my motivation for ministry is something unique to me. And like God’s love for me, it is something I must remind myself of often so I can remain focused on my calling and mission.

It is the deep love that I feel for my sister.

When I first saw her brokenness, I desperately longed for her life to be transformed by Jesus. I started praying for her in a new way, and God softened my heart to the younger girls around me. I wasn’t able to engage with my sister about the gospel, but I was able to influence the girls on my campus and help them discover Jesus. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, that’s what I started to do.

I saw every girl as my sister, and that deep love for my own sister extended to them.

The last two days of Staff Conference with P2C-Students have been the perfect opportunity for me to step back and breathe deeply of these core truths of why I am committing my life to serving the Lord. It’s because of God’s deep love for me, and that love which I, by the power of His Spirit, can extend to others around me.

Do you have a core motivation?

As I start my internship with P2C-Students and move to a new city and campus, I desire to love these new students I will meet as well. I want to cry because of the brokenness and need that those around me have for the profound message of Jesus’ love and hope. I can be tempted to slide into apathy, but I want to reject those thoughts and press onward with our vision in mind:

“We long for the day when no student graduates without engaging with the life-changing message of Jesus.”

Over the past year, I’ve been thinking about how we can see our vision fulfilled. What would it take to see every student on campuses across Canada engage with the gospel message? The goal of having 100,000 students engage with the gospel each year is one that requires a tenacity and a deep love for students.

We need God’s heart for people

If we are going to work hard to share Jesus with students, and achieve our vision and work toward our mission, we must have God’s heart for students. Our goals and desires will only be achieved if we love students with the same heart that God does.

Just like Sean deeply loved his daughter, Lydia, and I deeply love my sister, we need to deeply love students. This deep love was God’s motivation for saving His people – and it needs to be our motivation with each and every student that we engage on campus. Loving others can be difficult, but take heart; it is more than possible to have the heart of God who loved us before we were even born.

Examine your heart

Let’s examine our hearts and discover what has been motivating us to do ministry. Has it been personal gain? Respect? Approval?

Let’s pray that this year our hearts would become like God’s heart. Let’s grow in love – the way God loves. For it is only through this type of love that we will see the world changed and students truly transformed by Jesus.

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