Life in pandemic

An unusual schematic 

Working without bras or pants,

Head always burying in the pantry,

Or hoping the new panic buy 

will bring the relief

that you can’t find from your Commanders and Chief

Already forgetting when you were first shook in disbelief

Shook; as your grocery store

Became a panoramic portrait of pandemonium

Shook; as no matter where you look

Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook, 

An endless pantheon of conspiracy theories 

About this virus, spread like fleas

Shook; that this disease

That was supposed to be so far overseas

With unbelievable ease

Simultaneously crushed prom dreams

Disney’s self esteem

Workout regimes

International sport teams

But birthed some fire memes

That serve as little beams

Of laughter in this expanding stream

Of sadness, anguish, and sorrow

Somehow … we try to find hope for tomorrow 

We search for answers, they inform

About the power of this storm

And the need to conform

To new social norms 

Opening the door to Pandora’s box 

Watching stats and curves

Yet hating what they reveal 

The more we learn, the less hope we feel

And we’re inundated with highlight reels

Of politicians panhandling phrases of perseverance 

Empty words to our internal commotion 

Of negative emotions 

So we give our devotion  

To Neverland 

Trusting Netflix, our Peter Pan

Numbing us to real hurt, real pain

I wonder if it numbs us to real stories

Of people below our social categories 

So as the privileged finesse

New successes to add to their excess 

While those under economic stress

Navigate society with even less 

We’ll only know their numbers not their names

I ponder if the end of this lockdown game

Will simultaneously be a moment of glory

And a continuation of a horror story

But will we be too numb to feel happy or sorry?

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About the Author

Desmond Watts

Desmond is just another 3rd culture kid navigating life in uptown Toronto. He’s deeply passionate about following Jesus and have meaningful conversations. You’ll find him doing life with his beautiful wife (Sana’), listening to podcasts, writing poetry, and watching sports.

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