Reaching the world through international students

May 23, 2019 | The Official Blog

Power to Change-Students at McMaster University is currently partnering with two local churches to host an international student dinner every month, with upwards of 130 students attending on any given night.

Soon after these dinners began, the campus staff at Power to Change McMaster (P2C) noticed Kevin among the regular attendees.

Kevin is a student from China, and has no faith background. He wanted to learn more about Christianity and whether faith might become an important part of his life. He started asking the P2C staff questions like, “Why are Christians so loving to people who don’t love them back? And why are they so ready to help foreigners in their city?”

Staff and students have been able to tell Kevin that they love, because Jesus first loved them.

Kevin has now been attending these dinners and other P2C events for over three years. He has developed many friendships with Christian students, and is continuing to explore what he believes.

As staff with P2C, we are so happy for the opportunity to reach students like Kevin. The opportunity to reach the nations here in our own backyard has reached an unprecedented level.

In 2018, there were over 570,000 international students in Canada. The vast majority of them are from the areas in the world with the remaining unengaged and unreached people groups.

We have the opportunity to make an impact on the Great Commission, not only by reaching international students, but also by mobilizing a generation of Christian students. We invest by journeying with these Christian students and training them to reach refugees, immigrants, their neighbours, and their coworkers, with the good news of the gospel. Our prayer is that they would spend the rest of their lives investing in God’s Kingdom.

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