The beginning was so grand,
an epic musical score.
God made all from nothing,
Lights, spheres, life galore.
The cosmos took its place,
Shalom its vital core.
And all was very good,
Life, hope, forever more.
A greedy angel and his band,
Evil to the core.
Eyed the throne of God,
Prideful, tricky, wanting more.
Cast from heaven to the earth,
Banished for their plot. 
Seeking some way to ruin,
Twist, corrupt the whole lot.
With heart bent on revenge,
The evil one honed in.
Targeted two earthly creatures,
Enticing, lying, inviting them to sin.
Man and wife both tempted,
Fruit pleasing to their eye.
Thinking they would be as God,
Deceived, taken by a lie.
The work of man was cursed,
Birth pains women bore.
Serpent ate the dust,
Sin, decay, perfection no more.
Blood guilt is on our hands,
We are losing score.
Implicated by our actions,
Sinning, opening Pandora’s door.
Can we reverse by our hands,
Sins we have committed?
Our attempts are futile,
Guilt, shame, how acquitted?
My goodness only dirty rags,
From filthy, dirty chores.
My works to self justify,
Useless, futile, nothing more.
Who will save me from this mess,
Lost and broken soul?
Sin’s consequence leaves me
Stuck, broken, an aching hole.
A nobody and his ragtag band,
What can he possibly do?
Astonished, I see some promise,
Miracles, speech, power to do.
But then he is arrested,
His body beaten sore.
Cruelty of such proportions,
Whipped, crucified, unseen before.
Was that my only hope,
I suppose it can’t be him?
His death settled that.
Despised, rejected, dismissed whim.
But wait ... 
There’s mystery far more complex,
The grave doors opens wide?
Death couldn’t keep him,
Barred, bound, locked inside?
A greater message is now at hand,
Time for me to rehearse.
Huge implications now loom,
Belief, salvation, undone curse.
The greedy angel and his band,
Evil to the core.
Locked into a deep abyss,
Damned, forever, lies no more.
The time to trust is now,
His skin and bones alive,
First hints of all made new,
Remade, renewed, forever life.
My imagination fills with hope,
My life in him made new,
New heaven and earth,
God, Jesus, me and you.
The ending will be so grand,
An epic musical score.
God will remake everything.
Trees, rivers, gold galore.
The cosmos will take its place,
Shalom again its vital core.
And all will be very good,
Life, hope, forever more.
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About the Author

Corey Porter

Corey Porter writes creative content for university students on multiple digital domains. His voice has been tempered by twenty four years of ministry experience, both as student and staff. His personal life is kept full serving his wife Peggy and three children in Vancouver. He enjoys sport, art and collectibles.

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