When Nathaniel was first introduced to Power to Change, the average guy would have been jealous of his dating landscape. The girl to guy ratio was severely tilted in his favour. Being one of two first year guys amongst twenty women isn’t such a bad thing. Is it?

For the next couple of years Nathaniel witnessed a further decrease in the number of men involved. A few men graduated, a few transferred to other campuses. But Nathaniel is a man concerned about God’s plan and not about dating ratios.

This is when he and his dwindling band of brothers realized the severity of the situation and its implications for their future movement.

They knew that if something didn’t change, they would continue to see this imbalance grow. If there were no men, this meant that they weren’t doing the job they were called to do; make disciples. Who else would reach those who didn’t yet know Jesus? It was a time to call on God to work in the hearts of men.

Step one: Specific and urgent prayer

The turning point came when Nathaniel participated in the Quebec National mission trip. Here he shared with fellow participants his concern for the lack of men active in their ministry at McGill. Recognizing the dwindling male leadership at P2C McGill prompted them to pray fervently.

They asked God to raise up men with spiritual guts. They prayed for men active in the sharing of their faith, committed to discipleship and developing other men in their faith and leadership skills.

Step two: Increased ownership

When Nathaniel and the male P2C leaders came back to school in the fall, they persevered in prayer and experienced a dramatic difference. Nathaniel and the other male leaders found a new resolve to connect with new men and help them plug in. They knew men needed extra encouragement to get involved.

Rather than collecting contacts from surveys and distributing them amongst the leaders, each Bible study leader was responsible to form his own group of men. This made each man more diligent in prayer and proactive in developing community with first years.

Step three: Intentional care and friendship

Instead of challenging the men they met to commit immediately, they intentionally built friendships. They didn’t let the men decide their involvement before getting to know them, inviting them and involving them. They just cared for and ministered to them with enthusiasm, and men started to respond.

Once that friendship bond was in place, they organically challenged them to deeper commitment. They resolved to show their commitment to the new men before asking commitment of them.

Men’s ministry makeover

Nathaniel was so excited to see what happened that year. Their initial impact seemed insignificant numerically, but momentum was building. Nine new men got plugged in to their first year Bible studies. God was answering their prayers.

The following year, they witnessed fifteen first year men commit to the vision. God didn’t just bring in male bodies; these guys had a desire to grow and take on leadership roles as well. One of the first year students led a worship set at P2C+ in Toronto. It was amazing to see God answering their prayers. These men, raised up out of prayer, participated in mission trips, led Bible studies and served on McGill’s P2C leadership team.

When the men started to lead, the whole ministry grew. Power to Change at McGill now has close to fifty people involved, and twenty of them are men. Nathaniel has witnessed the transformation of their men’s ministry. He and his men continue to pray that the momentum will continue to snowball and develop more men with spiritual guts.


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Corey Porter writes creative content for university students on multiple digital domains. His voice has been tempered by twenty four years of ministry experience, both as student and staff. His personal life is kept full serving his wife Peggy and three children in Vancouver. He enjoys sport, art and collectibles.

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