Or in other words: We aren’t the only ones on campus and that’s a good thing!

“But, it’s never easy to talk about the differences in each ministry because it can easily sound like these differences are negative. One thing I have learned is that when other campus ministries are thriving, we thrive. Different people suit different groups because God has made his people diverse.” – Jess Versteeg

University campuses, colleges and Cegeps are a unique place.

Students flock there to learn, grow, get equipped to survive (and hopefully thrive in) the working world.

I remember during my frosh week one of my goals was to find a Christian group on campus and get involved. I signed up for every Bible study list and got information about every meeting time and location. A friend invited me to the Power to Change weekly meeting and I liked what I saw enough that I never actually checked out any other group (plus I had a friend at this one).

The following year, during frosh week I was inundated by frosh asking me the question:

“What’s the difference between P2C and the other groups on campus? Why did you pick this one?”

Differences are not negatives

Some of those questions were easier to answer. For example, the “K” in KCF stands for “Korean.” But, it’s never easy to talk about the differences in each ministry because it can easily sound like these differences are negative.

One thing I have learned is that when other campus ministries are thriving, we thrive. Different people suit different groups because God has made his people diverse.

Power to Change longs for a day when no student graduates without engaging in the life-changing message of Jesus. On campuses as large as 20,000 to 60,000 there is no way Power to Change can do this on its own. We absolutely need to work together.

However, working together doesn’t always mean co-hosting events (though it could mean that!). Often, it means working differently but side-by-side in love, respect, and care.

Consider three very important things we all have in common:

1. The gospel is the most important thing to us.

2. We want university students to know Jesus better.

3. We spend our extra time on these two things.

In a culture that doesn’t lift Jesus high, and on campuses filled with anti-God sentiments, aren’t these similarities worth celebrating?

We are all working together to reach the campus, like different parts of the body. Perhaps we are all part of the hand—the part of the body dedicated to reaching the campus—but we may play slightly different roles in being that hand. This is an important and worthy thing. The Lord is honoured and glorified in our similarities as well as our differences.

Together, we lift his name high.

Photo by Benjamin Ng

Photo by BN

Have you found a Christian community on your campus?

Click here to get connected to P2C-Students on your campus or click CAMPUS on the menu bar on this page.

Did you know we also have a specific ministry for Asian-Canadian students? Discover more about P2C-Agapé Impact here.

Are you an international student? Or have a heart for reaching international students? You can join PCS-International Students. 

Like Jess said, there are so many amazing groups on our Canadian campuses. We are so proud and excited about our partnerships in the gospel with the following groups:

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship CanadaActive on more than 60 campuses across Canada, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship connects with thousands of high school, college and university students annually. Their staff and volunteers walk alongside teenagers and young adults at a crucial time in life, just when they are figuring out their values and deciding what they believe. They engage students in Bible studies and prayer, helping them establish spiritual formation practises that will serve as foundations for their lives. Over the next decade, IVCF is committed to launching 20,000 Extraordinary Kingdom Leaders in Canada and the world. These young adults will be committed to changing the world for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Navigators CanadaThe Navigators are committed to walking with you throughout your degree as you grapple with life at school and beyond. Each school year, the Navigators provide opportunities for you to explore who Jesus is and what effect he can have on your life. They do this by helping you build healthy friendships, get connected in one-on-one discipleship, attend small group Bible studies, engage in community volunteer opportunities and much more. Their campus groups are places where all students can explore questions of faith and discover what it means to follow Jesus.

Athletes In Action CampusVarsity athletes have unique spiritual, emotional, and social needs as they move through their university experience. In the 1980’s, AIA established its first university club at Simon Fraser University. Today AIA staff and/or key student leaders speak God’s truth at universities across the country.

Ambassadors for Christ Eastern Canada, & Ambassadors for Christ Vancouver: AFC’s mission is to: Advance the gospel on campuses across Canada with efforts focusing towards new immigrant youth and international students. Furnish and equip Christian students to become missional/kingdom-oriented disciples and foster missionary values among those who plan to return to their homelands. Catalyze Christians, churches and like-minded organizations to partner together in propagating the student Christian movement.  

Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collégiaux du CanadaNous voulons voir des étudiants sur les campus francophones: – Découvrir Jésus-Christ, – Développer une maturité spirituelle, – Devenir des témoins épanouis.

Resourcing Ministries:

Alpha Youth Canada

CBOQ Youth Ministries

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Jess has worked for nearly a decade in Montreal in various roles on and off-campuses in both French and English. She’s currently a mentor, writer, and assistant to the Directeur national du Québec, P2C-Etudiants.

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